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I am a 2012 music graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, where I studied voice and music theory. For 20 years, I have studied classical music - including Western classical and Indian classical singing. Classical music instilled me with the technical foundation to be able to pursue other styles such as jazz, pop, folk, etc.

I have won numerous singing awards, including 2nd chair in the 2008 Texas All State Womens Choir, the Golden Voice award from my director in 2008, and the 'Voice of Dallas' award at the 2014 US IndoFestival.

I hope you'll come take a lesson with me so I can share a bit of my knowledge and a passion I have invested in for nearly my entire life.

When I'm not teaching music, I am singing and songwriting with my band Emme or rockclimbing. :)

Music is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. The universality of sound is a powerful tool that allows us to express intangible things we may not normally articulate. To me, singing is an even more special form of expression because of the unique quality of the human voice.

Teaching gives me the opportunity to share the wonders and profound effect of art on the human experience. I love communicating with a variety of personalities, capturing creative power, and encouraging others to use art to process emotion and maintain a steady mind.


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Junyong D.

Miss Sowmya is great teacher, with talents, patience, enthusiasm, etc. I am glad my daughter can learn with her.
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July 08, 2018
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Shannon T.

We have had a wonderful experience over the last two years with Sowmya Somanath! Our daughter Jaden feels very comfortable with her teaching and has grown so much with Sowmya as a vocalist. She is so positive and encouraging which makes coming to class so fun for our daughter. Sowmya is also a great communicator with us as well.
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May 16, 2018


Katie B.

Sowmya is a very encouraging and patient instructor. I’ve been working with her for the past couple years, and I’ve noticed a big improvement since then. She has a really great ear and will get you through runs and notes that you aren’t feeling sure of. Furthermore, she really understands how the voice works and can guide you in placement to ensure the highest quality sound (which is also healthy and not straining). Also, her ability to know the individual notes of a song after literally hearing it one time continues to impress me!
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May 16, 2018


Caleb B.

I’ve been taking singing lessons from Sowmya for roughly a-year-and-a-half. In my lessons with her we’ve gone, in depth, over the anatomy of the larynx, vocalization theory, breathing techniques, and the somatic sensations of proper vocal production. From all this, I’ve found that my voice has increased in strength and resonance. In addition, I’ve developed an intuition of what singing well should feel like, along with how it should sound. Beyond singing itself, I’ve discovered that Sowmya has a deep understanding of the art and craft of music. From an academic understanding of music theory to an intimate knowledge of the process of songwriting itself, I consider her prowess here a distinct blessing as I work through my own musical journey. But truly, Sowmya is my favorite because she gets me. I’m not sure if I’ve met a more enthusiastic and disarming person. She’s genuinely engaging and engaged as we navigate our way through our time together.
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May 16, 2018

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