Specialized Martial Arts Training

Specialized Martial Arts Training



Teaching Boxing, Kickboxing and Karate, Jujitsu, Sport Martial Arts and Weapons training to help students achieve their goals and improve their health. Designing programs for the Students goals and helping them be their Best.

Many time when a student learns a new technique or drill they have trouble with it. Some students are hard on themselves and get upset because they are have trouble. I explained the they are learning the struggles are the learning and when it becomes a skill is when you prefect it.

I enjoy seeing the student achieve the skill and eager and ready for the next skill or challenge.


44 years in business
Serves Keller , TX

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Frequently asked questions

I like to first get to know the student's especially the way they see themselves. I like to see what skill level the student is currently by do a physical skills evaluation. This also, allows the student to understand what I expect from them and to experience my teaching style.

I have developed programs for children,  teens, adults and Seniors to be able to learn Martial Arts, boxing and Street Smart Self Defense. 

Develop training programs for Black Belt instructors and school owners to provide great services to there clients. 

Training cost is related to the level of instruction based on the skills being taught.  The beginning program are the easiest to teach and help students learn.  Programs for Intermediate,  Advance, Black Belt, and higher Black Belts require more time and training as the level increases.

I base my price on the students goals and skills sets they are learning, more cost for higher levels learning.

I began teach when I was teen, I was teaching beginners for my instructor while he was teaching the higher belts.

I enjoyed help students I soon got to run my own classes at the school as job while still in high school.

I have trained a types of students. (Athletes, Adults, Teens, Children and Seniors.) I have also taught special needs students. 

The most enjoyable events are the achievements of my students learning the skills set and developing into the leaders of life.

The most important part is the teacher helps the students realize they can achieve their goals if they work hard and never give up. Believing in the student and supporting them and listening to them.

Explain what you want to accomplish and be understanding your feelings and try not to let your emotions control you.  Ask questions and if you need help as for it. Communication is a 2 way street you got to talk to the teacher and the teacher needs to listen and explain their process. 

Many times the teacher that pushes you the hardest makes you the Best.

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