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Our outstanding Olympic Taekwondo instruction is 2nd to none being an 8degree Grandmaster is a source of great information on the instructional side technical side and competitive side, our students are the best because they apply them selfs 100 % into the program.


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    Myril C.

    Grandmaster Garcia is an excellent teacher. Ive seen him work with students with patience and care. I appreciate his interaction with the students. He makes sure that they not only execute the moves correctly but that they also understand what theyre doing. I highly recommend him to others.
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    September 29, 2019
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    Frequently asked questions

    Introduction to Taekwondo and class mates, student then starts learning fundamentals then ease into techniques for their level. 

    40 plus years of experience backes my work with students, all of those years of learning, practicing and teaching sharing what I have learned both in TAEKWONDO 🥋,HAPKIDO, AND KUMDO.
    We have a NO NON-SENSE PRICE , STRAIGHT UP, JUST 200.00, A MONTH. ALL INCLUDED SAFETY EQUIPMENT, BELT PRE-EXAMS, BELT UPGRADES ALL INCLUDED. Don't ask for a trial lesson when you go to a doctor you don't ask for a trial visit. I have over 43 years of teaching experience, Don't offend my knowledge level by asking to try me out. I know how to teach, DON'T ASK FOR A TRIAL.
    My learning started in the late 70's and in the early 80's I would teach helping my Master Instructor but it wasn't untill 1986 that I hungged a shingle as they say and my school was born and the flame of my passion for teaching and for the art has been strong every since.
    I have worked with students of all ages . Children, Adults both male and female. Students who may start out timid and builded their confidence. And students who might feel the need to present themselves aggressive giving them the realization that They don't need to prove anything to no one.
    In January we had the 2023 AUSTIN TAEKWONDO FRIENDSHIP GAMES INT. it was a blast very exciting but mostly what excites me is seeing all those students participating learning and striving that's a feeling like no other.
    I would advise a student first to be sure He or She can dedicate the time and effort that it takes to succeed and excel in TAEKWONDO, it requires a strong commitment, then Find a Teacher meet the teacher create a rapport identify if this Teacher and your self is a good fit, if clash of personalities move on find your self an other Person, Your learning and success will depend on The good Teacher Student relationship and must always be based on respect .
    Am I really interested in this life changing experience. What do I want to get out of this endeavor. Can I make the time to accommodate not only the class times but practice times, which is a lot more. Do I really want to commit to a long term program such as this. Learning a Martial Art it's a long time endeavor.

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