International Swim Academy

International Swim Academy

Professional athlete and professional teacher with over 25 years of experience. ISA provides swim education program for children and adults. Private one-on-one swim lessons provide individual attention to help you to achieve your personal goals.Swimming can look intimidating if you have never learned how to do it, but it is possible for just about anyone to do it. If you have a some basic swimming skills International Swim Academy will help you learn to swim any strokes like a professional. If you do not have some basic swimming skills or you can not swim at all we will help you as well. We will start to learn basic swimming skills and every single practice move forward.Our coaching principles:methodical and building skills step-by-step and solving technical issues proactively integrate and personal approach that matches the specific needs of the student compliance with the principles of exercise loading expansion of the student’s theoretical knowledge of the water regarding the pace and ability of the student to receive and improve new skills mapping step-by-step achievements to empower the student ensuring holistic development, including the perfection of technique, along with increased strength and endurance and the improvement of coordination and joint flexibility in order to and build up a lasting basis for harmonic and correct swimming bringing as much variety and flexibility to the lessons as possible, while being guidance to the personal discovering of errors, their causes and consequences taking into account differences in body shape and musculature, as well as injuries imparting a sense of the aesthetics and the joy of movement in order to motivate the studentIt's time to go swimming!Significant decrease in stress levels Causes your body to release endorphins, increasing one’s happiness Boosts confidence and self-disciplene Improves posture, balance and flexibility Eases symptoms of asthma, lowers risk of diabetes and increases overall health Improves cardiovascular system and decreases blood pressure cholesterol Strengths and tones every muscle group Burns up to 750 calories in an one hour of moderate swimming, trims fat and tones the body

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