Online Piano Lessons With Bradley And Kyle

Online Piano Lessons With Bradley And Kyle

Offers online services
Offers online services


(Special offer available now!!! We're trying out a new online lesson format and are offering a VERY discounted rate to those students willing to try it out for a few months. Read about our online lesson format below...)

Want to learn your favorite pop or Disney song? Have you ever wanted to compose your own music or be able to play by ear (with no sheet music)?

Bradley and Kyle's piano lessons focus on the desires of the student. We aren't interested in forcing you to play music you don't like. While we may introduce you to new music to try, we know students are more likely to spend time on what they actually want and enjoy. What are you most interested in learning on the piano? We'll make that our focus!

What really sets us apart is that rather than weekly online lessons, we work with students one on one whenever the student has questions! (This enables the student to come to us with questions more often, and not get stuck mid-week.)

We accomplish this by sending videos back and forth to one another, rather than a set Skype call. No more disturbed lessons because of poor internet connection! You have a question at 3 am, shoot us your video and we will respond within 24 hours!

Bradley and Kyle both studied piano at Utah State University and currently teach piano full-time in Utah. We've decided to join forces to teach piano online. Kyle has been teaching piano for over 10 years and currently maintains a piano studio with over 60 students! Bradley has been teaching piano for over 15 years!

Realizing the limitations of once-per-week lessons, we've decided to try out this new online format.

We love helping people reach results FAST! Through our years of teaching piano, we've realized people get excited by seeing progress, so we focus on what students want to get done.


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Offers online services

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Ask this instructor for references. There's no obligation to hire and we’re here to help your booking go smoothly.

Frequently asked questions

We are so confident that you will love piano lessons with us that we offer a FREE trial lesson to all new students.  Completely free with no commitment to continue lessons if you don't absolutely love it!

We both studied piano in college and have over 25 years teaching experience between the two of us!

(Special offer available now with a better deal than ever before.  Because we are looking for students to try a new lesson format.)

We charge a flat monthly fee, rather than per lesson because we don't teach once per week.  You can reach out to us anytime (even daily!) for help with piano.

We both love music and the piano especially.  Teaching comes as a naturally result of wanting to share that love.

We work with all students.  So far students we've taugh have ranged from 4-72, but we're willing to expand that :)

A lot of teachers only want to teach lessons once per week.  However, this makes it hard for the student if a question arises mid-week.  Do they have to wait for the next lesson before than can move on?  We've designed a new format (with sending videos back and forth, rather than an online Skype call) that enables to students to ask questions anytime they have one!

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