Robin Korones - Piano Lessons

Robin Korones - Piano Lessons

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Do you want to learn piano, improve your skill and proficiency, and enhance your appreciation and understanding of music? Thank you for your interest in my piano studio! I've taught for over 20 years, am passionate about teaching, and have extensive experience teaching all ages and levels. My goal is to create an inspiring and positive learning environment for my students and to help them realize how much they are capable of learning and accomplishing. I tailor lessons according to each student's goals and needs. Students who practice regularly will enjoy rewarding progress.

My pedagogical (teaching) approach includes:

I tailor lessons to the individual student.

I aim to give students a solid technique and musicianship skills.

I make sure students fully understand good practice techniques so they can practice efficiently, learn pieces quickly, and improve rapidly.

I believe students have the capacity to play with confidence if they are diligent and consistent in piano practice between lessons.

I focus on developing my students’ listening skills, vital to determining their tone production.

I encourage performing. Recitals are celebrations! The more often the student performs, the easier it becomes.

Robin Korones started learning the piano at age 6. She studied music at the University of Utah (including private study of compositional analysis with Dr. Bruce Reich, now at UCLA) and studied piano and piano pedagogy with concert pianist, conductor, and composer Jeff Manookian. She has been playing piano for over 35 years.

I enjoy being able to teach and help my students understand how to play the piano with a beautiful sound, to practice efficiently, and to improve rapidly in a short amount of time. It also brings me great joy to help instill in my students a love of music and piano playing so that it will become an endeavor for a lifetime.


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Frequently asked questions

For students who have some experience, no matter how long ago, my first goal is to assess his/her current skills and knowledge. It is important to ensure that the transfer student has acquired a firm foundation and to identify any areas that need reinforcement, clearing the way for more advanced work. For beginning students, I focus on beginning piano and music skills while evaluating the appropriate level of challenge and fun needed for optimal progress. 

I tailor my approach fit to the individual abilities of each student. Together we explore music at a level designed to build on his/her current knowledge. 

Pacing the learning process is important so it is enjoyable and not overwhelming. I want each student to walk out of his/her lesson feeling positive with a clear idea of how to practice at home to get the best results out of the practice time. During the lesson, I demonstrate specific ways of practicing repertoire and technique at the piano with explicit instructions.

Consistency in practicing is important for progress. Students are asked to practice 5-6 days per week and to keep a record of their practicing.  I establish short-term goals such as dividing the piece into smaller sections to make the piece accessible. Short-term goals are best met when the student keeps written records, and written records kept by the student have proven invaluable in motivating the student to set aside ample practice time.

I studied music at the University of Utah, compositional analysis with Dr. Bruce Reich, as well as piano and pedagogy with Jeff Manookian. 

I charge $20 for a 30-minute lesson, $30 for a 45-minute lesson, and $40 for an hour lesson. Tuition is paid monthly.  Would you like to set up one trial lesson at no cost? 

Please feel free to reply to this message to set this up, or you may text me at 925-285-3370. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

I was inspired to share my life-long love of piano and music with others!

I have worked with students of all ages and ability levels.

My dear friend and colleague, Jeff Manookian, just returned to Utah after 12 years in Argentina. 

Look for someone whose experience and methods fit your goals and abilities. 

What are your goals? What experience do you already have with piano and/or with music? What amount of time are you able and willing to devote to practicing weekly?

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