Fast Fist Tactical Martial Arts

Fast Fist Tactical Martial Arts

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Teaching 1 on 1 gives me opportunity to focus on students needs & adjust training needs.

Also many students are nervous when starting training in big classes, by training with me that eases there worry & gives them time to build confidence/skills.

Every student brings me so much joy as I develop them & they blossom into martial arts students.

I follow Gods word as we train & we listen to pleasant music to fit training.

Training with me also brings students along 50 to 70% faster in belt rankings.


12 years in business
Serves Westlake , MD
Offers online services

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    Great cardio workout, helped me with nutrion & diet as well. Very comfortable, professional, relaxed training. Its personalised 1 on 1 and worked around my schedule. You learn , self defense karate that can be implemented day 1.
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    March 21, 2018



    Great cardio workout, helped
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    March 21, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    First I do a brief overview of students interests and needs . I teach 1 on 1 traditional Okinawan Isshinryu Karate & some Wing Chun Kung Fu , along with Eskrima Sticks,  Bo Kata , Edged Weapons ( knives ) and handgun training.  How you take away a gun or knife from your opponent.  

    22 years Traditional Okinawa Isshinryu Karate Teaching & Training.  5 years Tactical Edged Weapons & Weapons Training . Wing Chun Kung Fu techniques and Advanced street combat Karate that you can use day 1 .

    Pricing can range from $25 hour for children to $50 Hour for Adults .

    Advanced Training $40 to $50 for 1  1/4 hour class 

    Young Adults $30 to $40 1 1/4 hour class 

    Womens Self Defense  $30 to $40  1 1/4 hour class 

    I will work with any situation that is reasonable after we do brief consultation,  just reach out to me for financial planning that fits your needs. 

    Lived in Okinawa Island on military base as young kid , started training there . 

    1995 I started training very serious and started teaching in dojo as brown belt  , for kids and young adults . 

    Now I teach 1 one 1 privately 

    Young children from 8 to 16 , women for cardio kickboxing training  and self defense.  

    Advanced men or young adults Tactical Martial Arts and Weapons 

    When students achievement is realized after months of hard work and training.  They know on that day that they can preform technique. 

    Djo's are fine , I spent 6 years in a few different ones, but they drag out your training years and years longer.

    You Lear basics , but much is not practical for street situation.  I teach you day one , what you can do in any event or emergency.  It takes work on your side of course and hard training also . 

    Why are you looking to train  ?

    Is it for a specific reason  ? 

    Protecting yourself and love ones  ? 

    Can you commit to years of hard training  ? 

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