206 Music Lessons


We teach you what you want to play, how you want to play it

We teach because we want to offer lessons on all instruments to all interest levels, all ability levels, and all ages, anywhere in the Seattle area.

We teach because we believe experienced music professionals deserve to be matched with bright and interested students.

We teach because we see the typical music lesson, in a cramped studio with an overworked teacher using decades-old materials to teach a single style of a single instrument, and we think we can offer more—and do better.

We teach music to make learning more worthwhile and more fun for our students.

We promote a relaxing and comfortable environment. We encourage our students to ask questions. We cultivate a disposition for curiosity.

When they work with 206 Music Lessons, students feel like the best version of themselves.


10 employees
16 years in business
Serves Seattle , WA


0 reviews

Rebecca L.

Caitlin has been phenomenal! She is so incredibly patient with our 5yo and has done a great job teaching him the basics of the ukelele, considering how young he is and how energetic. Mason adores her and is not getting more into the basics of music theory as well, as he continues to work with her.
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June 08, 2018

Kristen T.

Vincent has been great in helping me get back into piano after over 10 years of not touching it. Super convenient and flexible in working with my schedule!
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June 08, 2018

Kathryn C.

I am working with John and very much appreciate how willing he is to take it slow, without making me feel like an idiot for being such a beginner. Hes an excellent teacher whos easy to be with and knows his stuff. Highly recommend!
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June 08, 2018

Greta H.

I have been taking piano lessons from Chris for approximately a year now and love it. As a 25 year old learning to play the piano from pretty much square 1 he has been an ideal fit- the antithesis of the intimidating hyper strict boring lady I remembered taking lessons from when I was six. Chris provides you with constructive feedback and helpful piano exercises which improve your technique and overall ability to play well. Also, thanks to his patience and guidance, he helped me learn a song I really wanted to be able to play even when it was kinda out of my league. Great dude. Great lessons. Great degu. yeah, he has a pet degu.
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June 08, 2018

Kam L.

Exceptional teaching quality plus professional knowledge
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June 08, 2018

Matthew J.

Chris knows what hes doing. He quickly figured out exactly what needed work with my piano technique and came up with a lesson plan for drilling into the right habits. After a couple of months, I already am playing much more correctly, and better than ever before!
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June 08, 2018

Frequently asked questions

The process begins with matching, where we evaluate a lead based on everything you provide us to find the best possible teacher for you or your child. After bringing that team together, we step out of the way and let everyone learn. If something isn't ideal, we solicit feedback and try again with a different music teacher. We consider the quality of our teaching to be the most important part of our brand, and in that vein, criticism is more valuable than just money.

We're dedicated musicians, teachers, and performers who are mostly members of the Seattle Music Teachers Association.

We grew up in Seattle and our lives were much, much better for the rich cultural services, especially in music education, the city offers its children. We wanted to build on that, participate in it, and expand the types of lessons so they could benefit anyone who wanted to play music in the Seattle area.

All ages, all ability levels, all interest levels. This includes 5-year-old kids in Redmond, dedicated software engineers in South Lake Union, and elderly women in View Ridge.

Pick someone you trust and enjoy. It's what we offer.

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