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4th Degree Black Belt in Hapkdo and TaeKwondo. Self defense classes taught to all ages. Tai Chi and Qiqong practitioner for over 25 years. Meditation instructor for children and adults. Hired as a contractor for the City of Bellevue Parks and Rec. Professional instructor since 1991. Focus on health off the whole person, development of body and mind.



I like to connect with people and help them to feel more energized and focused. I like to offer my skill set so others may benefit from a healthier body, a stronger mind, and a better appreciation of self. Regards self defense I want others to feel safer and more empowered.. to discover the strength within.


3 employees
9 years in business
Serves Redmond , WA

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Jenny B.

Amazing instructors! My son loves this class and has shown so much improvement. Not only does he get a great workout, but he is taught life-lessons about how to be a good person.
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July 03, 2019

Janet W.

The combination of mind & body; calm & fitness; energy & strength in the classes are tremendously beneficial. I am in better shape in all aspects at 68 than in my 40s & 50s! Flexibility, stability & mobility are critical at this stage of life. Sabrina is very aware of older body potential problems & is conscientious about reminding you of alternative ways to move. Two years of classes have increased my overall fitness & reduced my stress significantly. I very highly recommend Mindful Arts and Fitness.
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July 02, 2019

Frequently asked questions

Email and/or phone contact. Discuss what their needs are. Then pick a place that is suited for them: an existing class I offer, or I go to their location.

Study of Mediation and Tai Chi / Chi Kung soince the early 1990's (no degrees are offered with this kind of study.) 4th degree black belts earned in Hapkido And TaeKwondo. 1st degree in Aikido. Study of Judo and Jujitsu. Many years of training and competitions.

For existing classes, there is a fee paid for the class session. (Currently to the city of Bellevue Parks and Rec.) For private group or individual lessons there is a per hour or rate, depending on number of emplyess needed and space provided. Average of $75 per hour.

After training beginning in my teen years, I began instructing at my own studio in my early 20'sand contracted with the city of Bellevue and the city of Redmond in the 1990's. 

Adults, families, school age children. Currently teach Meditation to Middle schoolers. Teach Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Mindful Movement Class) to adults including seniors. 

Leading Middle schools student though a self defense course,  watching their confidence grow as they became comfortable and confident with the techniques.

Be wary of contracts for long terms. You should be able to talk with the instructor that will be leading your class. You should like that person, and how they treat the other students. You should be allowed to watch a class first (if a group session.)

Any past training? Likes or dislikes from that? Any injuries or issues with the body? What are your goals? Fitness, relaxation, mind body connection, etc...Will this class fill those boxes?

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