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Nathan Busch Learn To Rock



If someone is interested in learning music, I'm interested in them. I don't ask for enough money to be honest, it is a passion thing I guess. I don't have formal training so it is easy for me to connect with beginner level musicians. Everything I know is self taught through years of hard work and dedication to what I love the Let's get together and jam? Part of my teaching style is to not be a teacher, but a supportive friend showing someone how to do something, not what to do. Hardest part of music, is just getting started! That support system is crucial to my system.


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Frequently asked questions

Immersion is the easiest way to get started.  Kick right off into material, head first.  We start off by tuning our instruments up, then I ask what they know to get a gauge of where to start.

the closest thing I have to education and experience is just sitting down with an instrument until it makes sense to me.  I've played in bands on may different instruments, and making good money doing so.  I'd just like a shot to teach someone how to turn their passion into a career.

reimbursemen for gas, plus 10 am hour.  Would never ask someone to pay me the hundreds of dollars these "experienced" instructors get paid.

my parents couldn't afford lessons, so I wanted to create a small business where I can show someone what I know at an affordable price!

Oh man!  There was this kid named Zachary at guitar center, and he was plucking the strings on a guitar.  Every time someone would walk. Y, he would set the guitar down.  I sat beside home and asked if he was nervous.  He proceeded to explain to me he doesn't know how to play, his brother brings him there when he goes and that he has to sit there while his brother bangs on drums for a few hours.  I asked him if he had a favorite band, and he replied, "my dad really likes the Scorpions".  I laughed and taught him how to play the riff to "Rock You Like a Hurricane".  

Hmmmm, I guess I'd have to tell them to never stop.  Don't waste the money if it's something you will put down when it gets rough.

Why do I want to do this?

What are my goals?

How long will I need a boring teacher showing me what to do?

is this something I wan to do for fun, or am I trying to make this a career?

how seriously do I want this?

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