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Hello my friends! I've been TEACHING FOR OVER 20 YEARS! I started teaching when I was 18 years old. I understand after years of teaching what motivates and helps students get to their goals My guitar lessons take place in: Maricopa, AZ. I teach Song Writing, Scales and Exercises, Music Theory, Reading Music, Jamming Skills, Improvisation, Performance, Vocal Accompaniment, Slide Guitar, Fingerstyle, Open tuning, Rhythm guitar, Lead guitar Your first guitar lesson with me might include the following: Since all student are different it's important to find out what motivates and inspires the individual student. We start with material that will be fun, challenging but not overreaching (common mistake beginner teachers make). To access students ability they will be required to play some of their own repetoire. A guitar lesson with me might entail the following: We will review what was the prior lesson material and work on particular areas that need improvement. We will then take on some new material and walk through it to make sure the student knows what is to be expected. The students' material will be printed and an MP3 will also be sent via email. The qualities I look for in an ideal guitar student might include the following: I have no expectations only the will to practice daily and have fun!


Serves Maricopa , AZ

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    Frequently asked questions

    I want to know what makes them want to play?

    I am a guitarist who breathes, eats and lives music. I am constantly finding new ways to help other discover their true potential!

    Simple! $100 a month for four 1/2 hour lessons, given every week.

    30 years ago I wanted to share with friends how to make music then it was suggested I teach.

    From 5 year old to 72 year old, and from all different backgrounds!

    I play in a band and use the very techniques I teach such as "counting". Sometimes nerves kick in and this is a great vice to implement to stay focused on the music instead of "thinking what people are thinking about you" while you play.

    MAKE SURE THEY HAVE HAD STUDENTS FOR MORE THAN A YEAR!!! I hear all the time of the horrors of other teachers. If they can't keep a majority of students for at least a year they're not worth investing your time!

    What program or curriculum do they have? Do you they teach all aspects of playing the instrument? Ie Technique, theory, songwriting, being a live musician, ect.

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