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I taught myself to play-by-ear. I now can teach others, this unique gift. I was playing professionally, before I had any training. My parents were advised to avoid stifling me with formal lessons. This caused me to passionately hunger for that formal education. And I put myself through music college as a result. I did very well, and with ease, because I already understood music, in practice. I believe in the concept that: We could get milk out of the refrigerator, before we could spell it. And we could say "refrigerator", before we could read the word. Why should music be any different?" Understanding what a refrigerator is, and why we need it, and actually using it, inspires us to learn how to read and write the word. I've proven that music can be taught this way, in a gratifying way, without ignoring "Training" that traditionally has intimidated so many. That does not mean, that I would ignore music literacy and tradition. There are many successful methods available. It's more a matter of making interest level of primary importance! And then introducing academics as and when they are able to be more easily grasped. I also believe that everyone has different backgrounds/abilities/interests, and attention spans for certain aspects of music education, or "any" education. I consider it to be my policy to be aware on an individual basis, and not just by a book, and to respect those needs, by a teacher/student relationship. During my 30 years of teaching, I have had such an array of students. From little league kids , soccer-moms to professional business executives, and sports figures, retired citizens, and even some handicapped children. One thing I discovered, by developing relationships with them, was how to present music on "their" terms. And more importantly, that they were actually teaching "me"! How to teach. Many of those skills carried over to the next student, and now I am writing a book, to encapsulate those skills in my upcoming piano method.

I just enjoy it. Especially, when I see the light-bulb flash, and hear a student say: "oh!".

I have a passion for music. But I also have a passion for sharing what I have learned. "teaching"! And I enjoy always discovering new ways to present it. The "process", to me, is fascinating. I haven't found a student yet, that could not make music. It's the "process" that varies between personalities. And that is alot of fun for me!


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    Daniella H.

    Scott has been teaching myself, and both my 16 year old, and 10 year old sons for a couple of months now. What stands out most is how much we have learned, and are able to play, so quickly! Ive been trying to learn the piano for years but with Scott, after a couple of lessons, things that had puzzled me forever, now make sense. We are having great fun as a family, bringing music into our lives, and Scott is an amazing facilitator for this. I would recommend Scott to anyone who has an interest in learning the piano, from young children, to adults. He is patient, has a fantastic teaching method, and will get you playing music right from the outset. We are so grateful to have connected with Scott :)
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    May 26, 2017


    Luis V.

    We are having a great experience with Scott. He is always punctual, professional and works really well with our 16 year old son. Hes very attentive and patient with him and those things are very important to us in a piano teacher. I highly recommend Scott!
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    October 18, 2016


    Cindy S.

    Cindy Summers shared Scott Warrens video.
    August 26 at 6:34pm ·
    Hey everyone. Scott taught my kids piano and they loved him and his teaching method. He really made it fun for them. If you are looking to take piano lessons, you can find him through me on Facebook.
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    September 06, 2016

    Frequently asked questions

    I always get aquainted and develop our initial relationship. So that you are comfortable with my personality. Then, I need to explore your interest in music, and what you hope to achieve. That way, I can position how I will approach your lessons, and conceive a method based on your needs. If you are not sure, then I will attempt to peak your interest in such a rich subject.

    We usually begin by getting aquainted with the instrument itself. Where everything is, and how it sounds, and how to find your way around, and remember you way around the keyboard. I have my own fun unique method for this. And this is the foundation from which everything you ever learn in music will be based. Even if you are already playing, this foundation will determine how natural and intuitive your progress will be.

    5 years private classical training. 5 years in full-time proffesional music college, majoring in composing for Jazz big band and live orchestra at DGSM (Dick Grove School of Music). I am currently earning my BA in music at ULaverne.

    Originally I was self-taught from age-4, and developed my understanding of music by-ear. I was already performing on piano and organ before I saught training. And by the time I put myself through Music College, I was already performing proffessionally.

    I charge $40. pr 1 hour lesson, and $5. to travel to your home.

    After completing my education, I became the resident teacher at "Colton Piano and Organ" for 5 years. I taught classes, and privately there, and soon became the Teaching Supervisor for several locations of the Colton Piano franchise. The lessons were advertised as part of the television sales campaign.

    I have been teaching keyboards ever since, and as a result have been developing my own method.

    Just about every kind, from 5 - 95 yo. I have also taught some handicapped children, and thus developed skills to teach piano to the impaired. I especially enjoy teaching children, because their creative imagination is still blossoming. But teaching career adults, to the elderly becomes more aclimated to their interest, whether it be striving to meet proffessional standards in music, or just for a hobby to enjoy the wonderful experience of playing/composing/improvising music.

    I have travelled most of the world as a proffessional musician. I have to say the most recent event for me, was headline-performing in front of 80,000 fans at the Wacken Festival in Hamburg Germany, and prior to that, at the Montreaux Jazz festival in Switzerland.

    So many things to say about that. First, a teacher that is able to maintain your interest, and that is flexible, as your interest changes or develops. A "creative" teacher. Who not only has command of the subject matter, but has a skill for teaching it. Yes, teaching is a skill. And not every student is the same, nor should be taught with the same forced approach. Unfortunately, many music teachers, will keep the student trapped in a published music book, until you are able to complete it. Because they perhaps are unable to teach any other way. That's ok, as long as you are enjoying it, you will learn. But in most of my experience, I find that we need to be willing to break out of the mold, and explore other fun areas, while progressing through the books. Music is a vast subject, and there is ALWAYS something we can to to keep it fun and progressive.

    Beware of any teacher that tells you NOT to improvise or play-by-ear!! Unless, they state, that it is only in-the-case of focusing on sight-reading skills. This needs to be understood by qualifying the difference between the 2 mutual skills.

    What music have I heard? Do I like? Do I want to play? If you can't be sure, then I suggest you listen to some music, and explore those questions. Music is everywhere. And we hear it. Be we don't always "listen" to it. And, we don't always "like" it. But if you start becoming more aware, and forming those opinions, you will discover certain music that you 'love". By at least beginning to define what that is, it will be obvious whether or not you have found the right teacher. All genres of music can be learned on a keyboard. And that's why we're doing this. Right?

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