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Los Angeles Music And Arts Academy

Offers online services
Offers online services


The Los Angeles Music and Arts Academy offers the best in-home private music lessons. We currently offer piano, voice and guitar of all styles of music. We offer a professional level of music trainging while making it fun. We believe music should be fun, but it should also be challenging and rewarding. You will not only have fun, but you will learn to read music, perform, and be a real musician. We also offer a forum service where you can ask questions if you are stuck on something and don't want to wait until your next lesson.

We pride ourselves in creating an environment of learning. That is to say, we get our students to actually learn music, and all the elements of music. We make it fun, and we make it challenging, which is what makes things fun. The greatest joy is to see someone work hard at learning a musical phrase, or reading notes, and helping them achieve their goal and seeing the expression of accomplishment on their faces. This is especially true with younger students. The look of accomplishment and triumph on a childs face is the greatest feeling a teacher can have.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    Simply contact us, and we will schedule a lesson time that is most convenient for you.

    Formal musical education from USC, years of professional experience teaching piano and voice, as well as years of professional experience conducting top orchestras.

    Our first lessons are free if you come to us through Lessons.com, after that, our pricing is as follows;

    $170 per month- 30 minute lessons (4 Lessons)

    $240 permonth- 45 minute lessons (4 Lessons)

    $280 per month- 60 minute lessons (4 Lessons)

    Most people choose to have 1 lesson per week, however we do have some that have more than one.

    I have been playing and teaching music since high school actually.  After High school I entered USC Thornton school of music to pursue my music degree, and just kept teaching throughout.  Teaching has always been a passion of mine.

    I have worked with students ranging in age 5 to 85.  I procide custom, persoanlized lessons for my students and move at the students pace always.  I have also taught a great deal of special needs students and feel very qualified dealing with students with learning disabilities or any other issues.

    Honestly, the best "events" for me is seeing a student work through a difficult passage, or section, or piece of music and achieve it. Music is hard, and it requires work and dedication. When a student struggles, and works hard and conquers their struggle, it's the greatest feeling for me as a teacher.

    Whether the student decides to go with us, or anyone else, always always ask about the instructors background and expertise.  Simply playing music for years and years is not enough. Unfortunately, there are many many instructors who teach to make a quick buck on the side.  Look for a degree from a good music university. This should be a bare minimum. It's better to pay a bit more up front, and get started the right way.  Or else, you will be wasting money.

    Always ask what kind of background and expertise the instructor has.  Then ask if they have a degree from a good music university. The next question should be what method the teacher uses, and if they teach by ear or not reading. Any good teacher should not be using a set method, but rather a mix of all methods based on the particular students needs. A professional music instructor will always choose to teach the student to read music rather than simply by ear.

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