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Are you looking for a highly experienced and trained Combat/ Self Defense instructor for yourself or your children? Look no more! I’ve trained with the best and I pass that knowledge on to my students. With special flare and tactics based on my experience and expertise. I am highly qualified and trained in KRAV MAGA, Boxing, kick Boxing, Muy Thai and other various combative martial arts that also incorporate Knife fighting and defense. Firearms safety and shooting skills. Concealed Carry Tactics and advanced shooting drills. Both hand gun and shotgun. Stick fighting and defense. Also, pepper spray, taser and Kubaton.

You are the weapon. Let me fast track your skills and prepare you to protect yourself no matter what the attacker throws at you.

Call me direct for an immediate response.

818-324-0944. I look forward to training you.


29 years in business
Serves Woodland Hills , CA

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    Jennifer T.

    I have taken a few classes with Kravgirl, (Jennifer). She is passionate about Self Defense skills for women of which was deeply expressed in by her to our group in my first session. I feel comfortable with how she facilitates her techniques, as they are done in a way that is interactive and real life, but safe for the learning group. I have been able to retain in my memory particular skills learned and have even implemented a new awareness by her in a recent situation. Not only does she offer life saving techniques, but also the mental and emotional awareness to be in when using self defense. She has a fierce determination and many creative ideas in promoting her work for women. I highly recommend any woman who wants to feel more confident, more empowered, and to learn life saving skills to work with Jen. She lives and breathes this work and I look forward to doing more classes with her in the future.
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    August 23, 2019


    Anne M.

    She was very knowledgeable and skilled. Patient and perceptive. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before training with other martial artists.
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    August 15, 2019


    Cindy C.

    When you train with Jennifer you will be working with an experienced professional instructor that genuinely cares about her students while providing a program that is customized just for you. The skills you learn will be with you for life. If your goal is to get home safely with/to your loved ones each day, she will help make that your new reality. If you are considering self defense training I would encourage you to give yourself this gift and train with Jennifer.
    I have been training in self defense with Jennifer for about four months and have gone from feeling unsure, afraid and intimidated to feeling aware, more secure and confident. I truly feel beyond blessed to have found her! At the beginning of each session I say to myself, I am willing to be here, I choose to be here, this is for me and those I love. When I leave I reflect with gratitude, knowing that because of her I stand a pretty damn good chance of making it home safe and sound each day and look forward to continuing my journey with her.
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    August 13, 2019



    Jennifer you are one of the most positive and inspirational women I’ve ever met. You have given me strength you have helped me to overcome and conquer the monsters that I felt were coming after me and you have made me realize that I am stronger than I even believed. You give strength and courage to women everywhere you go and you make them realize that they too have courage and they are stronger than they even know because you are such an amazing teacher. I love working with you and talking to you and thank you for all of your insights and teaching me how to defend myself. I will always be grateful to you Jennifer for saving my life. Thank you.
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    August 10, 2019


    Tracy K.

    Passionate and skilled in self-defense.
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    August 09, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Establish a connection of trust and mutual respect. It is important to listen to the student and that way you can tailor their training to their specific level, and needs. Build them up and push them to show them they can accomplish so much more than they thought possible. Always be in tune and listen to I am a 5th level Practitioner in Israeli Krav Maga Certified Level A&B Instructor with the Israeli Minisrtry Of Education In Face to Face Combat. Level C Instructor in weapons training in Guatamala and Former Israeli Defense Forces Navy Training. Skilled in hand to hand combat and weapons. I strive to translate my knowledge and mindset to the student to help them form their own identity as a martial artist.

    Former Military training IDF Navy

    Certified with the Ministry of Education in Israel in Hand to Hand Combat as a Level A&B instructor. Working on the top level C. 

    3rd Degree Blackbelt  in KRAV MAGA with mixed martial arts training in KENPO, MUY THAI, BOXING, KICKBOXING, KARATE and Weapons retention. 

    NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

    Security Tactics Trained and certified in Puerto Rico

    Certified Level A-C instuctor in Guaetokenpo Fighting Tactics in Guetemala, including firearms, sticks and knives.

    %th Level Practioner with Internationl Krav Maga Federation.

    Typical one on one training is $40/hour. 

    $50/ an hour and a half

    $75/ 2 hours

    Package discounts 10% off a bundle of 10.

    Find an Instructor you are comfortable with that can meet your goals and needs. 

    Services offered

    Mixed Martial Arts