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Multi-instruments.  Music Therapeutics.  Transparent communication, intelligently emotional supportive coaching.  

I'm a Performing Artist, Composer, Producer, Educator, Influencer, Disc Jockey & Master of Ceremony, Integrator ("Music Therapy") & Inventor.

I teach multiple instruments at a Professional level: Piano, Voice, Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Composition (Song writing & major works!) Theory, AND MUSIC SOFTWARE!--- Ableton Live Production (the very HOT, new modality in music composition). I can teach ANY genre... from Mozart to Miles... from Bach to Beck. I do specialize in contemporary & the rough and tough Master style: Jazz, Vocal Jazz and understand that style very thoroughly. I am a classically trained musician, multi-instrumentalist seasoned into incredibly versatile session musician and contemporary leader. You can check out some of my works on bandcamp if you are curious? I function as an industry consultant and informal "life coach" as well... In other words--- I'm goal oriented... and I have a BIG PICTURE approach with a pretty astute music history and philosophical background. I can dive into music science as well with physics and that kind of stuff, if you're into it!

I endeavor to provision guidance... inspiration and assistance to anyone seeking succor or invigoration. I offer "Music Therapeutics" in a safe-space, coined "Superlove Sanctuary." I provide "Spiritually Oriented" navigational inquiries while integrating "Music Science & Philosophy" while correlating links in the field of "Divinity." In other words- my approach to helping others decipher internal or external dilemmas, and to expand awareness and ability- is to dive into MUSIC PHENOMENA. For example; have you ever had a profound, 'religious' or unexplainable realization about your existence or circumstance while listening to a song? An unexplainable euphoria? Have you ever experienced: alleviation of pain, a coziness of sorrow released, contentment, ... a resolution to a problem you previously could not solve? All because of the song... or an album? OR, discovery of something sonically NEW? Which song was it? ... What is the correlation to your life? Those questions, are examples of the quest we take, together- while adventuring. ... Clientele/parishioners announce relief of suffering from bathing in the "universal magic" of music. I access deeper wisdoms from an 'non-demonicational/sectarian- ecclesiastical perspective' versus a 'clinical perspective.' Meaning, I am not a Clinically trained Psychologist. I am a "Doctor of Divinity/Music Minister"... and I arrange/organize an excursion- for YOU to have your own unique revelations. I do not tell you what to think/feel, nor do I evaluate for you. I simply accomodate or administer SPACE & TIME for musical miracles. I am a Performing Artist and can be HIRED as a Session Musician. I can be HIRED as a PRODUCER- both beat/soundscape developer+Album Development as Composer/Editor and LIVE, in Recording Studio Artistic Supervisor. I also host "Superlove Sessions" at the Superlove Spaceship Sanctuary. These sessions can incorporate members of The Odd Ensembles or can culminate as community oriented 'jams'. I can be hired to perform SOLO sets from my SOLO project/production of original compositions (my original compositions are in a style classified as "cutting-edge electronic/acoustic cross-over." Futuristic jazz undertones combined with psychedelic-rock and hip-hop is the best way to describe the sonic context... so this is not exactly lounge music. It is Academic in it's roots and elongating a far reach as reflected by the beatnik movement in the 1950's. It is more conducive to "Think-Tank" environments- where sophisticated thought is being cultivated. It is not 'bar-band' music. It is aligned with 'transformational festival circuits' and such as Sonic Bloom or TED Talk type conferences and SXSW. I can function as an A & R Executive (talent scout) and provide industry connections as Consultant. I can provide referral contacts to performing bands for events as Consultant (recommend an appropriate band and get you in touch with them from your event)... While the majority of information here is focused upon the education oriented services I offer- I am a seasoned DJ with a vast library and I specialize in 'counter-culture' ecclectic events (i.e. sophisticated with a deep understanding of aesthetics). I can provide a mood for any occasion ranging from country (the classics) to dub-step (glitch) however my forte' is NOT top 40 mainstream... (however! I am more then HAPPY to accommodate top 40 events with any playlist provided)... We will communicate and we will formulate a winning itinerary for your event with a in-person 1:1 'interview' session before your event. I have a killer sound system and a classy, cultivated attitude on the microphone. Add to the above- advanced event organization skills as a seasoned administrator- and I accomplish any opportunity with consummate perfection. ****Alignment is important for both teacher and apprentice! Boring, stale and stuffy are the antonyms that describe this music teacher. I am a seasoned professional that can truly embrace contemporary genres, yet I am fully versed in the classics. There's no pomp and circumstance or snobby pretension here in terms of my approach! We get strait into the nitty-gritty and do this in a very engaging, open and stimulating way! Understated- my place is a cornucopia of productivity and ingenuity-- specializing in innovation, while exercising transparent conversation we dive into condensed musical expertise! I also serve as a 'Specialist' in a certain regard; I can engage, authentically, any student that has not had a great experience with a mean or crazily conformist music teacher. I honor the individual, in other words- not my own grandiosity or virtuosity. --- So if this is what you are looking for- a warm, inviting, supportive, invigorating experience that is intellectually challenging while embracing the whole spirit of the student & person- I AM a good fit for you!

The miracles of expanded understandings... 

I witness this occurance within my students AND inside myself as result of exploring knowledge.  !!!

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  • Amaya Sepulveda

    Jayma is the absolute best!! She is so kind and inspiring. She is so considerate and just such an amazing soul! Besides teaching me piano she also taught me how to be a better person. One of her other amazing qualities is that she is super patient! 💖💖

  • Ronaldo Riviera

    The creativity and intellect.

  • Nick

    Jayma is super cool! You can tell that she loves teaching music and her enthusiasm is contagious. She’s really encouraging and will help you with whatever you want to work on.

  • Christine McCabe

    I was Jayma’s piano student a few years back, and she’s honestly the best music teacher I ever had. She’s extremely knowledgeable and skilled in music theory, performance, and expression, but I think the best part of my lessons with Jayma was her ridiculously fun personality and teaching methods. She’s great at coming up with practice techniques that are specific to your learning style and personal growth in music, all the while making it just a really fun experience. She’s always inspired me to be better and become more confident in myself, and she taught me things that I even use in my personal life outside of the music world. She moved out of state towards the end of our lessons together, and if it weren’t for the physical distance I’d still be her student today!

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