Rob Tharp Martial Arts Lessons

Rob Tharp Martial Arts Lessons

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With over 25 years experience in Martial Arts and 6th dan rank in Kempo Jujustu I have the qualifications to customize a personal program that suits your needs.


Serves Littleton , CO


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Fred V.

I was looking specialized instruction when I came upon Robs profile on this site. My experience with martial arts before this has been with commercialized settings where the students all did the same thing at the same time and basically memorized movements and strikes where if someone did this, you did that. Although I was able to move through the ranks I found myself with skill sets that I really did feel confident in.
When I started training with Rob I expected to learn a few moves I could use in certain circumstances, how wrong I was. I stumbled upon a goldmine! After an initial meeting to see where I was and what I wanted to accomplish i found myself drawn to jujitsu, not the grappling system you see on T.V. but a very comprehensive, in depth understanding of how the human body works and why the techniques are so effective with seemingly so little effort. As a bonus I found Rob was also extremely well versed in Kempo karate as well as Philippine stick fighting and edged weapons (we did not actually use real edged weapons, just realistic practice training knives). I cannot say enough about Rob and I look forward to working with him on a continual long term basis.
Fred Villareal
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November 09, 2018

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