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Michele Wooten

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I have been teaching piano since 1991. I achieved national certification through MTNA in 2007. I have studied piano accumulatively for 18 years and have participated in ensemble and solo recitals.

My ultimate goal is to share my love of music with students and to cultivate that love for music in my students. In my studio, I assist each student to acquire technical, analytical, and artistic skills so they may become life-long musicians who enjoy learning, playing and listening to music. To accomplish these goals, I stive to inspire my students to become self-directed. My goal is to prepare thoughtful lesson plans that best meet individual learning styles and skill levels of my students. I strive to create partnerships with students as we explore keyboard knowledge and practice skills together. Students are guided toward self-expression through instructor queries that lead students to thoughtful analysis of their performance. Ear training, study of music theory, sight playing and technique are central elements of the student experience in my studio. Ensemble experience is gained through teacher/student or student/student duet performances.

I love meeting new people and enjoy being a part of their musical skill growth and development. Music is such a joy to share with others, and through consistent attention and study, great and wonderful music can be accomplished.


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Deborah C.

June 27, 2011
Debra, mother of Rachel:
I was very fortunate to find Michele Wooten in 2007 as she has an undeniable gift for teaching others to do what she loves so much. Michele was able to make learning the piano interesting and did a great job of keeping my daughter, Rachel, challenged and engaged as she moved up.
Michele knows how to keep her students dedicated in so many ways. Her lessons included sight reading, scales, theory, history, music pieces, and preparation for recitals. My daughter is also interested in Jazz, Rags, & Blues so Michele happily added these types of pieces to Rachel’s lesson plans. I was impressed with how much my daughter progressed with Michele’s method of teaching in just 4 years.
Rachel truly enjoyed attending class. She appreciated Michele’s patience, interest in all aspects of her life, wonderful instruction, and her passion for music. Michele encouraged Rachel to do her best. I feel that Michele passed along her love of music to my daughter and has prepared her for a lifelong of playing. I would highly recommend Michele as a piano instructor for your daughter or son.
Rachel, student:
Ms. Wooten was my wonderful piano teacher for 4 years. She inspired me to look at music differently and to continue piano even after I knew that she would be moving from Minnesota to Colorado. I thank her for everything she has taught me, especially for getting me into jazz. With Ms. Wooten’s guidance and encouragement, she helped me realize that playing the piano will be something I enjoy throughout my life.
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July 18, 2017

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