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Thank you for considering to allow me the opportunity to support your student athlete with winning the matches that matter most in life.

Let me ask you a question: If you were doing everything right and then found out it was wrong, how soon would you want to know?

Here is the deal, most coaches only focus on Level 1 Physical Training.

I'm different in that I challenge your son/student athletes Level 2 Mental Training & Level 3 Spiritual Training .

If this resonates with you and you want to support your child at the highest level my recommendation is to message me.

Go ahead and message me, I'm looking forward to it.

Seeing the confidence build in my students.


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    We were very pleased with our first session with Coach Daly. He determined our sons personality from the start and understood the best way to approach and coach him on his wrestling needs. We,as well as our son, are looking forward to more sessions with Daly.
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    June 06, 2018

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    • -Rolling on Mats, Tumbling, Sholder rolls, Cartwheels, Knee Slides,
    • -Take Downs, Go to Setups, Go to Shot, Downblock, Defense, Sprawl, Wizar, Simple 3 Step Secret Stand Up, Level Change, Handfighting 301,
    • Together we will come up with a much better plan and match strategy.
    • Experience our system of wrestling.

    Brian Daly aka Coach, and the #1 Amazon Best Selling Author

    For close to a decade, Brian competed as a top Nationally-Ranked Wrestler, where he competed 4x's at the NCAA Division III National Championships, and was invited to wrestle at the Northwestern Midlands. Brian wrestled in duals against Northwestern & University of Illinois Mike Poeta & Mike Boyd. Tournament matches against competition from Harvard, Iowa State, and University of Iowa's, Mark Perry.

    While at Augustana College, Coach Pat Militech brought his fight team into the Augustana College Wrestling room. Brian wrestled with Former UFC Champion Matt Hughes, Former UFC Champion Robbie Lawler and Former UFC Champion Tim Silvia. Two UFC Championship Belts were won that year and brought back to the Augustana Wrestling Room.

    Each and every year for 7 years straight, he qualified for the High School State and NCAA National Championships. And each and every year, Brian was unable to achieve his goal of becoming an All-American or National Champion. At the highest level when it came down to the matches that mattered to place, something seemed to happen, leaving Brian feeling disappointed at the end of the season.

    Coach Daly is Certified through USA Wrestling & Author of the #1 Amazon Bestselling Book The Inner Game of Wrestling.™ He works with athletes to win from within, and has found that often the most important matches are the ones won off the wrestling mat. He publically shares his faith in the Bible and the Spirit of Jesus. He also believes that small business is the solution to current challenges with our current education system.

    -- Competed 4X's at the NCAA Div III National Championships

    -- Competed 3X's at the Illinois State Championships

    -- Wrestled for over 17 years, coaching for 7 years and have been involved with the sport for 24 years.

    -- Author of #1 Amazon's Bestselling Book: "The Inner Game of Wrestling: 'Why the plan of working harder & longer, being stronger & faster than your competition does not work'"

    -- I've wrestled competitively for over 17+ years and have been in-demand wresting technician and coach for the past 6 years.

    --Co-creator of the Inner Game of Wrestling Program & The Inner Game of Coaching Program

    --Certified through American Society of Exercise Physiologists, Sport First Aid & Coaching

    Either private sessions where I would match you up with another student.

    Or plug into a room of students of the same age.

    I was recruited to coach at private and public high schools and then parents started to ask me about private sessions.

    Ages 5-6

    Ages 7-14

    High School.

    High School who now wrestle in college.

    State Qualifiers, Placers at the Illinois State Tournament.

    Last yeat Qualifying 7 students for the Illinois High School State Tournament. Louie Stec & Andrew Won a Medal

    If you are a 1st year wrestler you probably do not need private sessions. And if youwrestle for another team and there are too many kids in the room you may want to consider private sessions.

    There is a big difference between a coach and a technician.

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    Mixed Martial Arts