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Jack Cecchini

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Jack has devoted his life to the study, playing, and teaching of the Classic and Jazz guitar.  To be a master of both styles makes him singular; he is one of few who can perform both classical music and jazz.  Cecchini is equally at home whether accompanying famous stars, performing with The Chicago Symphony, The Lyric Opera or performing a guitar concerto with The Grant Park Orchestra.  Cecchini and his jazz quartet have played numerous concerts on college campuses nationwide.  He has performed difficult show scores such as "Jacque Brel" and "Promises, Promises". He has performed solo guitar for former President Gerald Ford and has also done extensive studio work, master classes, and clinics.

At the age of 17 he was performing at Chicago's famous Chez Paree.  His early career was spent in the recording studios of Chicago where he recorded radio and TV commercials and background music for movies and documentary films.  He has performed in America's finest supper clubs accompanying such great stars as Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Judy Garland, and Johnny Mathis.  He toured extensively with his jazz quartet and also with Harry Belafonte Enterprises as an accompanist to Belafonte and Miriam Makeba.  He performed at Carnegie Hall with Mr. Belafonte and Miriam Makeba.

As a classical guitarist Mr. Cecchini performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Lyric Opera, and at Ravinia. His performance with the Grant Park Orchestra of Vivaldi's "Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra" received rave reviews. Peter Gorner, musical critic with The Chicago Tribune, wrote,  "His playing is devoid of affectations and securely protected with a refined sense of musicianship."

His versatility and thorough knowledge of the guitar and its literature have garnered him respect and recognition throughout the world.  As an educator and performer he is admired by the finest musicians in Chicago, including members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  He shares his life with his wife Eva and their two dogs, Django and Joe.


Classical Guitar, Accompaniment, Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory


Chicago, IL 60640

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  • Doug Manoogian

    Jack Cecchini is the Godfather of Jazz and Classical guitar in America and beyond. He is friend and adviser to many of the worlds greatest players, past and present. He has students that have recorded solo works for Sony Classical, teach at major Universities and perform on every Continent. World renowned Luthiers bring Cecchini their new creations for review and advice. While Cecchini is a world class teacher he is also a world class performer. If you would like a glimpse into the intellect of Cecchini, click on the link below and listen to the audio interview that Studs Terkel did with him many years ago: http://jackcecchini.com/Interviews.html If you have the opportunity to study Jazz or Classical guitar with this amazing human being.....TAKE IT !!!

  • James P. Cole

    I was musically naive when I started with Jack. As a former baseball coach for over 20 years I noticed that Jack was doing what I learned to do; he had to figure it all out for himself and did a lot of thinking about every aspect of music and guitar playing. Then he applied the same principles to teaching it. He has an explanation for everything he teaches. How he made the discovery and why we do things a certain way. Jack's knowledge of music and his experience teaching and performing and his history with so many other top notch performers in incredible. I know that he tailors his approach to each of us, the same way that I learned to do it on the baseball field. Every time I learn something new it comes along with the awareness that there is so much more to music; there isn't enough time to learn it all in one lifetime. We have become friends as well. I have been with Jack for over 15 years now and the lessons are a part of my life now. I couldn't imagine a better teacher than Jack. Jack is our Maestro.

  • Dennis Dieball

    I have known Jack Cecchini for almost 40 years and have studied the classical guitar with him at various times over those years. Jack is a master musician and a dedicated teacher with a deep love for music, the guitar, and especially his students. As a young student many years ago, he put me on the right path to understanding musical expression through the guitar, offered me many opportunities to play that I would not have had otherwise, and instilled in me a love of the arts that blesses me every day. Even today, when I play for Jack, he hears new things I never thought of, offers suggestions for improvement and pushes me to be a better player. If you're looking for a classical or jazz guitar teacher, I would highly recommend Jack Cecchini.

  • John Vitale

    I would Heartily recommend Maestro Jack Cecchini as a Guitar Teacher. If you are very lucky, you will get to know him and his wonderful wife Eve. They are both amazing people and have been supporters of Music and Art for decades. Everyone who has been around a while knows that Jack is, and has been, a top player and teacher of Jazz and Classic guitar for many years. He has worked with and/or knows: Johnny Smith, Julian Bream, Oscar Ghiglia, Joe Pass, Joe Diorio, Phil Upchurch and many many other top players. He is one of my Top Mentors as a player and teacher, and I have been using his concepts for decades successfully. I have even studied with some of his students, and they are Top players and teachers as well. You would be very lucky to spend some time with him. Do it, you will grow.

  • Laurence E. Dooley

    I studied guitar with Jack Cecchini with weekly lessons for six years. My session with Jack was the highlight of my week. I learned such sophisticated an elegant chord structures and changes, that my time with my guitar now is something I look forward to every day. Students will be required to work, but the rewards come quickly. I give jack the strongest recommendation.

  • Rob Chaffee

    I have had many teachers, and Jack is simply the best. From his approach to the fretboard to his approach of studying music in general, if you are ready to make the most of whatever talent you have, Jack will show you how. You have to do the work, but he will show you what to do so you progress as quickly as possible.

  • John Garvey

    Of course Jack Cecchini is the premiere guitar instructor of Chicago and perhaps the whole of the USA. Everyone in the "know" is aware of this. He's a serious teacher for serious students and the results are fantastic! He's played with Frank Sinatra, and so many others and is well known amongst all the legendary Jazz guitarists as a master of Jazz and Classical guitar, having played Classical guitar with the Chicago Symphony. He helped me begin to begin to understand the depth of music and everything he teaches has a practical value that can be applied to any genre of music. He's empathetic, understanding and perceptive. He also works his ass off as a teacher. It's hard to imagine anybody better!

  • Tim Christiansen

    He teaches because it's a calling, not because it's a 'job'. Far and away the most enriching musical experience of my life and I've been playing for 20+ years and studied in college. He teaches you about music, about the guitar, performing, and how to teach yourself.

  • Navdeep Jhaj

    Jack is the very best there is for jazz and classical guitar

  • Frank Portolese

    I studied jazz guitar with Jack Cecchini for five years in the 1970s. It completely changed my life. I have never before or since met a more brilliant educator. If you are serious about either classic or jazz guitar, do whatever it takes to study with him.

  • Tom Waterloo

    Spent 18 years taking classical guitar lessons with Jack Cecchini. He's a great teacher and helped me immensely.

  • Bryan Albert

    I received two degrees in guitar performance, one from NEIU and one from Northwestern University. After receiving the masters at NU, it was Jack Cecchini who brought my playing to a professional level. Jack is a truly caring mentor who stays in touch with students long after they have left his studio, and whose dedication to the guitar is unparalleled.

  • Steve Wysham

    I cannot give Jack enough praise for his ability to diagnose exactly what you are doing wrong and supply you with the appropriate exercises. I would be remiss not to mention that Jack is the dean of Chicago guitar players and knows ALL of the personalities in the business.

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