Violin And Alexander Technique Lessons

Violin And Alexander Technique Lessons

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I've been teaching violin privately to students of all ages and levels for over 15 years.

The violin lessons that I teach are influenced by Alexander Technique (which I also teach privately/separately).

I am an AmSat certified Alexander Technique teacher, having completed my 1600 hours of training in June 2017. I have made a special study to understand the fundamental movements involved in violin playing, plus ideal practice methods. By studying with me you will develop an in-depth understanding of "good use" at your instrument (i.e., all the self management skills required). Here is my webiste with more information:

I'd love to hear from you!

I love sharing in someone's learning process!


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Ashley R.

I have only had two teachers in my life who have fundamentally changed how I view my place within the world. The first was a teacher I had in high school who taught me how to apply critical thinking through literature. The second is Amy, who taught me how to be integrated with myself as I walk through the world. 
I came to violin partially seeking a connection to my physical body - which after years of ignoring it, had spiraled out of my control. With my time training with Amy as a teacher, multiple times I faced my shortcomings and it definitely led to a lot of frustration as a student. I had to develop more patience, humbleness to failure and an appreciation for the beauty of the violin beyond just its sound. These were things we spoke about frequently and worked together on in many contexts outside of just violin.  
Technically speaking, her focus on the fundamentals as drivers for refinement and her eye for connecting them to more advanced topics was paramount for my learning. It cannot be stated enough how important fundamentals are, and Amy definitely did an exceptional job with moving back and forth between fundamentals and more advanced topics. Amys lessons have a very unique quality - she focuses not just on you as the student who happens to have a violin - but on integrating you together with the violin in order to achieve the greatest level of success possible for the student.
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October 21, 2019


Christina L.

As a working professional adult woman at a point in my life when I decided to shift some focus more to my own interests and self-development, I decided to begin studying violin later in life - something Ive wanted to do for a very long time.  Having no previous musical experience at all, Amy Foley was encouraging and supportive from the start -- teaching me important basic fundamentals such as instrument care, balance, movement, positioning, intonation, and how to read sheet music.  Amy has a wonderfully deep understanding of music theory and is clear and thorough in her explanations.  Her patient and positive demeanor made me feel good about the progress I was making; and when I seemed stuck at any point, she came up with creative and applicable suggestions and exercises to help me over any hurdles.  Studying violin has given me a greater appreciation for music as well -- I find myself listening to music differently, and the experience is now enhanced because I find myself noticing things which I learned during my lessons, e.g., how compositions come together to make the whole. And Ive learned to hear more of the emotion in music because of what Ive learned during my lessons; and Amy, with her talent and quiet sense of humor, has made the experience an absolute joy!
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October 21, 2019


Jian J.

I am an adult professional who began violin with Amy Foley 7 years ago. I enjoy learning with Amy very much! She is a great teacher who understands the violin, playing the violin, and “learning” inside out. Amy knows how to teach—which I think is the most important thing you want in a violin teacher! She is the best violin teacher you can find: supportive, organized, knowledgeable, patient, consistent, etc. I excelled in school, but I learned so much more about “learning” and even concepts about life from Amy, which not only makes my learning of violin much easier and more effective, but also has helped me in other aspects of my life, such as learning other things whether another hobby or professional skills, improving my performance at work, etc. Violin is my lifetime project, and I will learn with Amy as long as she is teaching!
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October 21, 2019

Frequently asked questions

I always ask a new student what motivates their intertest in learning violin, or Alexander Technique. I feel that the teacher and the student are a team, working together toward their specific goals. If we both consciously understand what motivates their interest this then greatly helps us both identify the best ways to move forward. 

My basic rate is $60 per hour.

I am open to negotiating a lower rate for those who are interested in having a longer lesson (90 mins, for example); or for those who make long term commitments to come consistently and pay in advance (i.e., a month at a time, etc). 

All ages. 

You want someone who objectively understands both the violin and teaching. 

I welcome any questions. Ideally, I hope to be asked how one can stay motivated and postively engaged with their learning process through the inevitable challenging periods (e.g., plateaus), and how to set both short and long term goals. 

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