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Piano & Voice Instruction By Talley

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As a music instructor for 27 years now, I have always given my students personal attention depending upon their age, and capabilities which include both mental, emotional and physical. I specialize in teaching very young students and have helped over 200 young ones to become confident, poised, and capable pianists over the past 27 years.

More recently (2014) I started offering voice lessons along with piano lessons, and was given the opportunity to start training a talented 9 year old girl, and a 9 year old boy my first year. I currently have gained new voice students, and I love and enjoy teaching them!

I am a people person, and love teaching, especially young people. 20 years ago, as a volunteer, I taught youngsters the basics in ice skating. But my professional career as a piano instructor has been most rewarding. In years past, group lessons was a part of my program, as well. Twice yearly my students and I would present exciting, fun and very professional recitals that both motivated them to progress to the next level, and entertained our families and friends.


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    Snow F.

    I have a 8 yr old who loves music and really wanted to play the piano. Mrs. Talley was the perfect teacher to help my daughter achieve her goals. Mrs. Talley has many years of experience so I was pleased with how patient she was when it came to teaching my daughter. I really appreciated the knowledge of learning the piano my daughter received from Mrs. Talley!
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    March 08, 2018

    Takiyah F.

    Ms. Talley gives direct attention to detail and monitors my sons progress in a most attentive and helpful way. We appreciate her very much and she is an excellent teacher.
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    March 07, 2018

    Lataisha D.

    Mrs. Talley taught my teenage son for a year and me for a little under a year. Mrs. Talley is very professional and personable. She is knowledgeable and great at selecting and creating appropriate teaching material. She also allows the student to progress at their own pace, knowing when to linger over a lesson or move forward with more difficult skills. In addition, she has several years experience in orchestrating top-notch recitals. Her teaching studio is comfortable with an inviting atmosphere.
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    March 07, 2018

    Miller F.

    She patiently taught my four year old very well! I was really amazed that she was able to keep my daughters attention and help my child develop a love for the piano! It is evident that Talley loves her job, it shows by the way she teach!
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    March 05, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    I find out beforehand if the student has any previous musical training and how long ago.  Also, I take into consideration their type of personality, and any physical or emotional limitations they may have.  Much of this information I gather from the parents of young students.  

    My program is set up to work with each student according to their ability and individual needs, even in my group sessions.

    My initial training was for 9 years when I was younger.  Over the years I have attended workshops for teachers and learned vital pointers and methods, both for teaching and for conducting a business.  My students have been my greatest teachers over the past 2 decades.  They have helped me to be the best that I can be!

    The prices for piano and voice lessons depend on whether the lessons are weekly or bi-weekly, the age of the student, private lessons or if a family or group lessons plan.

    A rate sheet can be provided upon request.

    I started teaching piano lessons in 1992.  For 20 years I had operated a Cleaning & Organizing service, but was ready for a career change.  So I started off teaching children of parents and friends of mine.  Eventually I phased out my Cleaning Service, and because of word of mouth I was able to increase my students to 10, and eventually 20 weekly.

    I have taught students from all academic and emotional levels.  Those who are naturally gifted, as well as students who are autistic, and even slow learners.  My students have come from various races, educational and cultural backgrounds.

    My last student recital was held in December of 2016.  They and I performed in one of the music rooms at Butler University.  Most of the students had not had a ull year of lessons, but they performed well!

    My students have to be willing to follow instructions, to have completed written assignments when due, and be willing to practice without a lot of coercion from their parents.  Older adult students likewise need to take their lessons seriously if they wish to progress in a satisfactory way.

    My goal is to produce as many qualified musicians as possible! 

    What is the main reason for wanting to take music lessons?

    How much time will I have to devote to the study and practice that is required for me to make progress and become proficient at the piano, or as a singer?

    Do I want to pursue music as a career, or as just a passing hobby?

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