Find a cooking class in Boston, MA

Find cooking classes in Boston, MA

Find cooking classes in Boston, MA

Share a few details and we'll show you the best cooking classes in your area.
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Find cooking classes in Boston, MA

Share a few details and we'll show you the best cooking classes in your area.
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Interested cuisines

Top 10 cooking classes in Boston, MA

Students agree: these Boston cooking classes are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Roddy Richard Private  Chef Services

Roddy Richard Private Chef Services

New on Lessons
10+ years in business
Serves Boston, MA
My name is Chef Roddy and I am a private chef with a passion for teaching my craft. Cooking should be easy and fun, and not a chore. Growing up, I spent a great deal of time on my family's farm in Northern Italy, learning to grow our own food and cook with the cleanest ingredients. Pure and simple cooking that is easy and fun!
Food Odyssey

Food Odyssey

New on Lessons
20+ years in business
Serves Boston, MA
WHY ME? It's simple. I love to cook. I have 28 years experience in the food business, I graduated from Gordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts, and cooking is my passion. I am a consistent and skilled professional. I care about my clients and their eating habits. The quality of the food I offer is excellent. I adjust my recipes to customer requirements and design them so everyone can execute them anytime without any problem. I'm fun, and I think cooking is a passion that I can pass on to others. When I cook, I want to be creative, not just putting something in the pot. I like to combine ingredients and discover new flavors. Mediterranean cuisine
Angel's Finest

Angel's Finest

New on Lessons
3+ years in business
Serves Boston, MA
I love to have my students familiarize themselves with new ingredients and to help them discover their hidden skills.


New on Lessons
11+ years in business
Serves Boston, MA
I am interested in small classes that can be held at my house or an outside kitchen. My skills have been acquired over the last forty years as a cook, assistant chef, kitchen manager.
Anais Composition, Musicianship, Voice And Songwriting Lessons

Anais Composition, Musicianship, Voice And Songwriting Lessons

New on Lessons
Offers online services
6+ years in business
Serves Boston, MA
Hello music lover! My name is Anaís and I have a degree in Music Composition and Theory with a concentration in piano from Boston University. I also studied voice at Whole Tone Music Academy with Nora Maynard. I have been teaching songwriting and group voice for over a year at the Hyde Square Task Force in Jamaica Plain and have been freelancing compositions for chamber ensembles and arranging for orchestra and string quartet. I am excited about working with the voice on a holistic level integrating mind-body awareness through Alexander Technique and movement. I am also excited about designing soundscapes for theater and have the honor of wo...
The Plant Based Gourmet

The Plant Based Gourmet

8+ years in business
Serves Boston, MA
Precious F. says, "The Gourmet was very patient, well organized and very knowledgeable. " Read more
Michelangelo Lessons

Michelangelo Lessons

New on Lessons
Offers online services
13+ years in business
Serves Boston, MA
I love seeing my students apply what they have learned with me. It's when they get that "a-ha" moment that I know I've made a difference. I've been given the gift of teaching and have applied it in several areas to help students overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

Your cooking questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Lessons.

How much do cooking classes cost near me?

Cooking classes cost $60 to $140 per person for a one-time in-person class or $200 to $500 for a class including three to five sessions where you'll learn to create different meals from a specific region or type of cuisine. Online cooking classes cost $20 to $100.

The cost of cooking classes depends on:

  • Class length
  • Group class vs. private lesson
  • Beginner or advanced skill level
  • Type of cuisine
  • Recipe difficulty
  • Chef's or instructor's reputation
  • Location
  • Hands-on vs. demonstration-only
  • Whether the class focuses on teaching a specific culinary technique or recipe or is a collaborative class where each student prepares one part of the overall menu

How long are cooking classes?

In-person cooking classes typically last 2 to 3 hours, depending on the class type and size, whether it's hands-on or demonstration-only, and the cuisine type. Most online cooking classes are 1 to 2 hours long.

What types of cooking classes are there?

Cooking classes range from introductory lessons that teach you basic culinary techniques to advanced classes that teach you how to prepare a five-course meal from scratch. Date night classes are a popular way to bond with your partner while learning how to prepare delicious meals.

Common cooking class types and topics include:

  • French cuisine
  • Italian cuisine
  • Asian cuisine
  • Vegetarian cuisine
  • Baking
  • Breadmaking
  • Handmade pasta
  • Sushi
  • Date night cooking class
  • Kids cooking class
  • Family cooking class
  • Knife skills

Should I tip the cooking class instructor?

Tipping the instructor at a group cooking class is not expected. If you enjoy the class, post a positive review online and consider sharing photos and the school's information on social media.

For private classes from a chef, tip 15% to 25% for exemplary service.

How can I find the best cooking classes near me?

A cooking class can help you master the basics, learn advanced culinary techniques, explore new ingredients and cuisines, and boost your confidence in the kitchen. Follow these tips to help you find the best class for you:

  • Decide whether you want to take a group class, date night class, or private lesson.
  • Choose a class focusing on the type of cuisine you want to create.
  • Read reviews from past students on Lessons and Google.
  • Confirm whether the class is hands-on or demonstration-only.
  • Ask about class size, schedule, and supplies needed.
  • Let the instructor know ahead of time if you have a food allergy.

What questions should I ask before signing up for cooking classes?

Ask these questions to help you choose the cooking class that best suits your needs:

  • What cooking techniques or recipes will I learn in the class?
  • What is the typical class size?
  • Will I make my own items or is it a collaborative class where each student makes part of the meal?
  • Do I need to bring anything special with me?
  • Are the classes hands-on or demonstration-only?
  • Will we get to eat the food we prepare at the end of class?
  • Can I take leftover food home with me?
  • Do you offer private classes?
  • Can I buy a class as a gift for someone else?
  • Are there any age restrictions?
  • What if I have food allergies?

Reviews for Boston cooking classes

Recent success stories from people in the Boston area.
Jim A.
We did handmade ravioli, and sauce from scratch. Then we ate till we popped. Can’t wait for the next one!
The Plant Based Gourmet
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