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Congratulations on starting your journey into the martial arts! it's a challenging and rewarding experience and you will learn so much about yourself and the world around you. I am a firm believer in improving not only your physical fitness but your mental fitness as well. With me you will learn We will learn traditional Japanese technique, as well as form (kata), and self defense. I am a firm believer that I can learn from my students while I'm empowering them. Martial arts has been an incredibly rewarding part of my life and I am so excited to pass on my passion and knowledge to my students. EvolUtion Martial Arts will inspire you to find the true you and fully unlock your potential!

I find great joy in spreading the art to new practitioners. My most favorite event is when it "clicks". When I witness an individual hit their stride and get it, there is no greater victory. While we are constantly evolving, seeing it take place before our eyes is quite remarkable. Additionally, seeing the wheels turn in my students' eyes makes it all the more empowering to me!

I have 25 years experience in martial arts. I started at a local dojo at seven, apprenticing for my instructors, thus becoming a full instructor at 15. I earned my 4th degree black belt through that instructor. Sometimes in order to keep it fresh, we need to leave the place that's safest. With that said, after a three year hiatus, taught at another local school and had the distinct honor of competing with fellow students. Though I teach, I'm eager to continue growing to make my classes more effective. My goal is to test for my fifth degree in the near future! It's been a long and winding road, but I've always found great pride in seeing my students succeed. We all come from different walks of life. Regardless of experience level, martial arts is an activity we all can take part in. While it's an individual experience, you truly form some wonderful friendships with your classmates.


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Frequently asked questions

When I work with a student I like to find out their "Why?", "What?" "Who?" "When?" "Where?".

Why: Why Karate? Why Now?

What: What other forms of exercise do participate in? What is/are your goals? What is your schedule like? 

Who: Who/What inspired you to try something different?  Who else is interested in trying martial arts with you?

When: When did you decide? Do you have previous experience (Where, When, How Long, What rank?) 

Where: Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 2? 5? 10? Beyond?

Bachelor's Degree: Human Services/Minor Early Childhood Education

Current position: classroom aide for Boston Public Schools

Various trainings on teaching approaches, behavior modification approaches. Proficient in ABA Therapy 

Extensive Experience working a Special Education 1:1, Special Education Teacher, Math/Science/Reading remediation.

Some ASL 

In the process of studying for National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer Certification

     ^Sub certification: Weight Loss Specialist

One of high value! It's a case by case basis, however, I believe that placing great value on the benefit of martial arts leads to individuals wanting to a difference in their own life. The experience and journey is a personal one, but the outcome far outweighs the "what if I didn't do that when I had the chance?"

How much do you value yourself? How much do you want to change and evolve? 

I was 10 years old and a red belt when I started helping out in the beginner and intermediate classes, which I thought was a lot of fun. The bug bit me. When I earned my brown belt, I asked my instructors how I could one day become an instructor. Shortly after I was invited to try out for the leadership team (instructor training program). Once I reached my 1st Degree Black Belt, I was promoted to Junior Instructor (apprentice), then when I received my 2nd Degree Black Belt I was promoted to Full Instructor, followed by a title promotion as a Sempai (senior level instructor). By the time I earned my 4th Degree Black Belt at 21, I became a Sensei, and was able to utilize those skills for quite a while. I ran a school for a little bit as well. Though times have changed, and martial arts culture and training methodologies, ideas, and trends have improved greatly, I have so much fun passing my knowledge on to my students, and can't wait to continue to help YOU.

I've had the wonderful opportunity to work with all walks of life through my career as a martial arts instructor. I've worked a bunch of children who were on the autism spectrum (varying degrees). Some of those students were able to be part of a group with typically developing students, whereas others required 1:1 instruction, as the group setting was too over stimulating to them. I've worked with individuals with various learning abilities and of various ages, and have gotten the same joy out of working all of my students. I absolutely, thoroughly, and wholeheartedly enjoy working with students from all walks life, regardless of experience, level of physical fitness, or anything in between. Let's unlock that potential! 

I competed a few times through my most recent dojo and that was hands down the best learning experience I've had in all my years of training in martial arts! In training, I would advise anyone to break into the competition circuit, especially one that's outside of their school. The preparation, although demanding, is so much fun! I'm looking forward to getting back into the competition circuit, and introducing my students to it as well! 

Take your time in finding an instructor! You will be working with them, so it's very important that you feel comfortable working with someone. It's important that instructor be able to establish a rapport with a potential student (if younger than 18, with their families as well!). If you don't get a good vibe for someone, don't work with them. Your safety is far more important than hiring someone who doesn't feel right just because you want to start now. Personally I like to have fun when I teach, but will also make sure that you "get it" before you leave. And last but certainly not least, don't be afraid to ask questions. :)

I think students need to analyze their goals when they're in training. I'm open to discussing any questions, concerns, or apprehension. First and foremost, I think a student should feel comfortable enough to ask about the expectations of the student, instructor, and school. Ask clarifying questions about technique, belt requirements. I'm more than happy to review material! 

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