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Offers online services
Offers online services


We hand-select, background check, and certify a team of expert instructors dedicated to helping you learn and grow as a guitar player. Our accelerated curriculum will help you skip the “Mary Had A Little Lamb” phase and get you right into the fun stuff - iconic songs, chords and strumming, and creative solos!

Once we cover the basics, your instructor will custom tailor each lesson to help you learn songs, styles, and genres of your choice. For our more experienced players, we’ll help you improve on your skills by delving deeper into technique and music theory application. We’ll work on phrasing, chord progressions, key signatures, the 5 major scale positions, modes, chord voicing and much more!

Our program is geared towards making guitar playing fun, exciting, and creative while still keeping its core focus on understanding music as a whole. We help you blow past the growing pains of learning by pairing you with a real-life Guitar God dedicated to your playing goals.

The most rewarding experience by far is helping people of all ages and skill levels find the hidden musical talent they never knew they had. With encouraging and patient instruction, we’ve helped thousands of students get past the intimidating beginner stages and excel as guitar players and musicians.


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Offers online services

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Justin T.

Taylor was very welcoming, nice and has a great way of teaching things to his students.
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July 21, 2018


James L.

Taylor was a great teacher and you could really tell he wanted me to reach my goal of playing guitar.
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July 03, 2018

Frequently asked questions

Our instructors will tailor each lesson to a student's skill level and playing goals. Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned player, your instructor will help you reach the next level with a lesson plan customized for you. 

RockStar Guitar has built a team of certified professional instructors with years of playing and performance experience. Many of our instructors have degrees in music education and/or performance and each of them has years of teaching private experience under their belt. We welcome students of all ages and skill levels with patient and encouraging teaching methods. 

We like to offer our new students a great deal on lessons! We offer a standard introductory rate of $45 for two one hour lessons, or $25 for two half hour lessons. These packages allow students to try out their instructor to see if it's a good fit. For all ongoing lessons, your instructor will set the rate and will provide you with more information directly. 

Taylor, RockStar Guitar's founder, had his first musical experience when he was enrolled in piano lessons at a young age. After several lessons the instructor harshly told his parents that he had no musical talent and that they were wasting their money. A rough start to what would be a life dedicated to his passion for music. By the age of 12 Taylor proved that assumption wrong when he first picked up the guitar. From then on he never looked back. Over the years Taylor has honed his skills as a player and worked to master the many styles and genres of modern guitar playing, and he is still learning and growing as a musician to this day. He has plenty of performance experience under his belt, playing with his original band of long time friends and performing in worship groups for local churches. Taylor also pursued music academically in high school, earning high honors for classical performance that would eventually lead him to enroll as a performance major in the Jazz program at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. There he was part of the Jazz ensemble and had the opportunity to work with some the most respected and talented guitar instructors in the country. Taylor also took on a minor degree for Music Technology which involves the art of recording, mixing, and multi-media. Soon after completing his degrees in music and business, he continued pursuing his passion through the art of music education and continues to enjoy working with students of all ages and skill levels from all walks of life. “My greatest joy is to see the same passion I have for guitar take shape in a new student.”

We welcome with students of all ages and skill levels. We have worked with students from ages 5 to 65! From complete beginners who have never held a guitar before, to those who have played for decades and just want to take their playing to the next level.  It's never too early or too late to pursue your dream and reach your goal! 

Don't hire an amateur! If you want to learn the right way, you need to learn from an expert. Not only is there a great deal to learn when it comes to playing the guitar, but teaching itself is it's own artform. Do yourself a favor and learn from an expert player who is also an exceptional instructor. Our mission is to hand-select instructors that fit this mold and to pair them up with students eager to learn. 

Students should ask themselves what their goals are, and what kind of equipment their need to achieve those goals. Do you see yourself jamming out around the campfire with friends and family? Or do you want to play on stage and perform with a band? All students should also determine what they need to make that goal a reality. Students should purchase their own guitar as well as an electronic tuner and a capo regardless of the end goal. Whatever the case we are confident that we can help you achieve it! 

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