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Our cadre has a passion for teaching.  We channel that passion and energy into the programs we teach.  

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  • Bryan S.

    There are so many positive aspects of Keith Hanson's interactive education programs that I have come to appreciate in a very short amount of time, I felt that they truly needed to be enumerated in detail and shared. First and foremost safety safety safety is his utmost importance. You will feel extremely comfortable in a class with other students learning to operate their firearms. Second his attention to detail is immense!!!! Whether it's shooting at 3 ft or 25 yards the techniques that he employs will truly make you a better shooter whether for a full-time job or a weekend Sporter. Keith shares with you strategies that you would not normally think about when trying to become a better shooter. He also implores a mantra to truly keep you on target. Probably one of the other important aspects of his training classes is that you're just not going to blow through ammo. The classes are extremely affordable and the materials that you need to bring are realistic. Whether this is the first time you are taking an advanced class or want to brush up on the concrete skills that we all hone in on, he has the classes for them. Lastly, Mr. Hanson and his education team are very demanding but not overbearing. He listens and understands an individual needs. Once you take one of his classes you will truly become a regular. Bryan

  • Jeffrey Chang

    As a student who has invested time and money training with a respectable cadre of firearms instructors of various backgrounds (military, police, civilian) in the New England area, I'm predisposed to qualifying myself as a person with enough class and range time to offer a fair critique when requested to do so as an Alumni of said training groups. I highly recommend that students to not only invest in firearms training but to train with as many different instructors with various types of professional backgrounds as possible. This exposes oneself to multiple philosophies and perspectives from which to conclude what would work best for each individual’s needs. Firearms training is not a one-size-fits-all as some instructors would have you believe. We all have different body shapes, athletic ability, professional backgrounds, and training goals. Many are keen to learning to shoot straight and competitively. Others may be focused on home defense, tactics and gun fighting. That being said, I would like to recommend Keith Hanson of Critical Dynamics for firearms instruction. In February of 2021 I participated in his single day eight-hour Level One Defensive Rifle class at Cheshire County Shooting Sports Foundation near Keene, New Hampshire. Of all the instructors I have had experience with, I would place Keith Hanson in my top three. The main three standards I am grading here are professionalism, safety, knowledge and skill set. Subjectively professionalism encompasses all the aforementioned standards, however here the focus will be upon the ethical professional. At the beginning of class Keith began sharing his background and experience and requested the same from the students. He asked questions and gave advice in order to ascertain the types of mannerism, level of patriotism, and particular shooting skill sets in participation. He spent a substantial amount of time developing a camaraderie with his students, learning what our goals were, and why he believed he was qualified to instruct us. As this was a basic rifle course class time was spent familiarizing our selves with our firearm, its parts, functions, and maintenance. After lecturing us on the safety protocols to ensure there was no live ammunition in the room, he demonstrated first and then had each student present their rifles and make them safe. The knowledge I gained by participating was how to break down the bolt in the bolt carrier group and how to find mechanical zero on my irons. We were required to physically execute all that we learned in class. A buddy of mine was there with a Kalashnikov style rifle for which Keith was able to demonstrate and confirm that its operator was up to speed on its mechanics. Keith also shared his experience with various off-hand positions and the pros and cons of each as well as how the tactics within the military and police evolved over time. He also shared his experience with various firearm manufacturers and equipment and what works reliably during intense training or doesn’t. Throughout the seminar his demeanor was patient and respectful. While he commanded the floor his knowledge of firearms became apparent while also attentively listening to his students concerns and perspectives. Before doing our live fire, a full safety briefing was perfectly executed by the book. As an NRA certified RSO I can certify that no shortcuts were taken, and no misunderstandings were allowed before approaching the firing line. Each student knew exactly what the safety rules were and what the consequences would be as well as what their responsibility would be in the unlikelihood that a negligent discharge should occur. At no moment did I believe that the live fire I was about to participate in would jeopardize our safety. I advise anyone reading this that if there is no safety briefing at an instructor course you are taking, leave immediately and demand your money back. They are absolutely not qualified to instruct anyone. During the live fire course we learned shooting positions, QCB shooting fundamentals, malfunction clearing, transitions, and basic tactics. Before the live fire each student was required to demonstrate their ability to manipulate and control their rifle in a safe manner. Keith demonstrated each drill as we performed them, gradually elevating the complexity based upon our ability to grasp each fundamental and properly execute the various manipulations. Another nuance worthy of consideration is that we expended less than 200 rounds. Keith believes that a case of 1000 rounds isn’t necessary to train effectively, and most fundamentals of shooting doesn’t require a spent shell casing to practice and master. Unfortunately, there are some toxic persons within the gun community who adhere to the “my way or the highway” mantra for which I suspect have underlying ego issues which prevent them from entertaining other schools of thought or constructive criticism. Keith Hanson is not one of those types. Keith is a true firearms enthusiast and a fine instructor. He has demonstrated to me his willingness to listen, enhance upon what works, offer sage advise for why something doesn’t, and even allow unorthodox methods if it works for the student and would not present any safety concerns. He recognizes that all students are at different levels of experience and strives to assist them in perfecting their disciplines and firearm transitions and manipulation styles that work. In his own words Keith strives to give us a toolbox with different tools to work with to help us get the job done. Like Bruce Lee says to be like water I was able to grasp and retain some fundamentals from his class all the while developing my own gun fighting style.

  • Lynn Briggs

    Safety is First and foremost in all classes and on the range. Professional yet caring atmosphere is prevalent, all questions answered to the students satisfaction, real life events used to make teaching points and encourage further study. I had trained with a few instructors and taken several classes before being introduced to Critical Dynamics and Keith Hanson, there is no comparison. CD encourages safety, accuracy, training on and off range, weapon mastery and proper understanding of laws. The confidence instilled in each student with the excellent technical training is priceless. There is a wide range of classes, something for those wanting the best.

  • Alexa Cedolin

    Knowledgeable, Friendly, Informative, Professional.... I can’t say enough about Keith and his team and the excellent instruction they provided. It is refreshing to see people with such passion for their job and attention given to their trainees. My expectations were far exceeded from the start. Keith’s training style is direct and hands-on. He is intelligent, humble, charismatic and a true leader in every sense of the word. Not only did Keith's team provide exceptional instruction and fostered an engaging and safety-focused environment, they made learning easy, relaxing, and fun. There is so much more to say regarding my experience and the knowledge gained, but I most definitely will be signing up for continued training with Keith. If you are looking for top-level safety firearms instruction from the best in the business, then give Critical Dynamics a look and book today. Best money I have ever spent and extremely impressed!

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

We discuss the specific needs and objectives of the student prior to suggesting a training program.  We assess our students to determine what type of learning style they possess and customize our programs to the specific style(s) of the respective student.

Our motto is:

Using the Science of Human Learning to Build Better Shooters™

All Critical Dynamics courses present learning modules that utilize both scaffolding and interleaving instructional methodologies.  These teaching techniques incorporate both 'desirable difficulties' and 'effortful retrieval,' which ultimately promotes long-term retention and enhances the long-term performance of the techniques instructed.

Foundational concepts and aspects of the curriculum are 'primed' and 'boosted' throughout the program to reinforce and cement performance into the brain’s long-term procedural memory.  Further, our training programs aid in the development of the student’s skill-set for proper dry-fire, dry-manipulation, and on-range live-fire training utilizing MSR (Motor Skill Reinforcement) exercises.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Extensive (currently active) instructor and master instructor level certifications in active shooter response, tactical medicine, tactical counterterrorism, and small arms instruction.  

Instructor training CVs and bios are gladly provided upon request.

What types of students have you worked with?

Our training cadre has worked with students from all walks of life in all age brackets.  From teaching basic marksmanship and firearms safety to grade-school children to developing comprehensive reality-based force-on-force training modules for police tactical and special response teams, Critical Dynamics trainers have the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to accommodate any instructional/training request.

What advice would you give a student looking to hire a teacher in your area of expertise?

ALWAYS ask to see instructor-level certifications.  There are MANY frauds and charlatans in this industry; those who make fantastical claims about their backgrounds and experience.  Ask to see their instructor certifications.  Verify that their certifications are current. 

As a student, you must understand those instructor certifications are limited in their scope.  For instance, NRA instructor ratings permit that instructor to teach BASIC GUN SAFETY CLASSES as outlined by the NRA.  They do not permit that named instructor to teach tactical or in-depth defensive programs to paying students.

Are they set up as a legitimate business?  Are they registered with the Secretary of State and Division of Corporations?

Do they possess a liability insurance policy?  Does the policy specifically cover defensive training or use-of-force instruction?  Does the policy include professional liability coverage and "Errors and Omissions" (E&O) coverage?