Bob Wolfman Guitar/Bass, Piano/Voice, Ukulele Lessons

Bob Wolfman Guitar/Bass, Piano/Voice, Ukulele Lessons

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Hi everyone, my name is Bob Wolfman and I love to teach GUITAR, BASS, VOICE and PIANO! MUSIC THEORY!!

My students finally "ARRIVE", meaning they finally accomplish lifelong dreams and goals of actually being able to play well, and understand what they're doing, so they can then develop on their own. A structured and well organized lesson plan will always help you learn in a more enjoyable and effective way with faster results!


My Motto * My students learn more in less time, and have more fun than just about anywhere else.

Enjoy your lesson once every week, do a reasonabale amount of consisitent practice and you WILL BE PLAYING REAL MUSIC very quickly, without being bored, overwhelmed or intimidated!

I am very passionate and committed to empowering my students by giving them the right tools and cultivating their own skills using these tools.

Ultimately, all lesson plans are based on your goals and what you need to focus on to actually reach those goals.

I love seeing and hearing my students actually improve, and enjoy playing the music they love; wheter it be Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Folk, Fingerstyle or Classical. I'm happy when you're happy!

I greatly enjoy that my students are being properly taught........The common denominator for almost every student I've ever taught is - he/she never learned the essential basics for their instrument or voice before they came to me. As a result they made little or no forward progress, developed bad habits, became stagnant and very discouraged. You can't miss with a thorough, step by step plan custom tailored just for YOU!! ;-)


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  • Reviews

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    Joe N.

    The lessons match my skills and my goals. He keeps my busy and in a month I am already playing better than ever
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    March 16, 2023
    Hired on Lessons

    Beverly D.

    My grandson was very impressed with Bob at our first meeting and is. Excited to start all of his lessons. Beverly devito
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    May 11, 2022
    Hired on Lessons

    JOSH N.

    Ive been studying with Bob for about 4 months and have learned a ton. He pushes me to be the best player I can be.
    Ive had many guitar teachers over the last 30 years but none of the skills ever stuck with me. Bobs teaching method and level of engagement is well beyond anything Ive experienced before.
    Hes got a great sense of humor and really cares about his students, adults or children. Most of all he wants us to ENJOY playing, not just to learn skills.
    I recommend that you contact Bob regardless of your playing style, experience or skill level. He will help you become a better musician, not just a good guitarist.
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    August 26, 2019
    Hired on Lessons

    David F.

    I’ve been in a constant struggle, trying to teach myself how to play guitar for the past 20 years. Never really improved. A friend gave me Bob Wolfman’s brochure at a local guitar store and I called Bob that same day to schedule lessons......Wow! So glad I did, cause I started learning so much right away; music theory, reading music, Blues guitar, chord progressions, songs, and solo improvisation. I learned so much, and so quickly that I enrolled in Bob’s Apprenticeship Program. It’s amazing and fun! Bob is very patient, kind and an absolute professional guitarist and instructor. I highly recommend Bob to anyone wanting to learn.......Thanks Bob!
    David Fraser
    Lowell, MA
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    April 08, 2019
    Hired on Lessons

    David F.

    March 14, 2019
    Hired on Lessons

    Luke R.

    Hi, my name is Luke Rush and I live in Andover, Massachusetts. Ive been taking guitar lessons with Bob Wolfman for four months. My first lesson with Bob was amazing. Bob showed complete interest in what I always wanted to learn about music. From the start Bob had me using the best books, musical examples, diagrams, resources and information to help me learn how to play guitar. Bob taught me all the things my past guitar teachers failed to teach me; major scale theory, musical keys, chord construction, all pentatonic scale patterns, reading standard musical notation, blues guitar, technique and theory, building improvisational solos, expanding chord vocabulary for other styles of music. I couldnt be happier with my lessons with Bob and his sincere devotion towards me as his student.
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    January 01, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Friendly Introduction 

    Interview/Consultation - First meeting, I get as much info as possible in regards to the new students' musical history, prior instruction if any, playing background if any, and influences from parents, relatives, teachers, friends, etc.. 

    Goal Setting - Next, we talk about the students' goals, what he/she wants to accomplish with lessons, and then long term goals and aspirations.....repertoire, performing (jams, open mics, and for more serious students - concerts, recording, or a music career)

    ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** At least half of my students are complete Beginners, and have no prior musical experience, they're taking lessons for recreational/fun purposes only….and not to become professional.

    Evaluation - Then I do an evaluation of the students' music knowledge (theory, concepts, terms), and playing skills if he/she has prior playing experience. (Playing techniques, picking, strumming, tone, timing, rhythm, chord forms, songs).

    Lesson Plan - Finally, I create a mutually agreed upon lesson plan, and explain/demonstrate what I'm going to be teaching the student, and we set goals for the first two to three months of lessons, that the student feels he/she can comfortably achieve.

    Along with only 25 other students in my elementary school, I was selected for the orchestral music program in the 6th grade, playing the clarinet and oboe.  Started playing Guitar at age eleven, and have been performing professionally since I was 13 years old; Summer camp socials for the campers and also the adult counselor social dances, and during the school year I performed at High Schools, Colleges and YMCA functions, dances and concerts.  At the age of fifteen I was playing at many major hotels in the mountain resorts in upstate New York.  By the age of sixteen I was doing extensive recording session work as a studio guitarist at most of the major record label studios in Manhattan, NYC.  Performing and recording to the present day with many top names in the music industry.


    Jazz icon/Guitar genius Larry Coryell became my mentor when I turned 18, and I was his protégé until he passed in 2017.  Larry was my teacher, and I performed many concerts with Larry in NYC, and the Boston/New England area from the age of 23 until Larry passed in 2017.  I also studied with Steve Khan (NYC studio ace guitarist/producer, member of the Brecker Brothers band, recorded on Steely Dan albums, performed with Billy Joel, and way too many more to mention, leader of EYEWITNESS band).  


    Graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1980 with a Performance Degree, and almost three years as a Music Ed. Major.  I opened and officially founded my own “brick and mortar” school in Arlington, Massachusetts in September of 1986…..WOLFMAN’S SCHOOL OF MUSIC.  We had an enrollment of over 1,000 students at a time, we employed over 35 different instructors, offering private music instruction for Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Voice Sax, Harmonica, Flute, and we had a wide variety of music theory courses, Ensembles in various styles of music, and a fully equipped pro 24-track recording studio; we taught Muilti-Track Recording Engineering courses, and produced hundreds of bands and singer/songwriters, as well as produced award winning jingles for TV and Radio.  WSM served as prep school for Berklee and other music colleges as well.


    I do have standard pricing as follows;

    45 minute lessons = $65.ºº

    60 minute lessons = $85.ºº

    I also offer block discounts for students purchasing either 6 month, 9 month and 12 month blocks.

    I began offering lessons when I was in high school to friends and fellow students to help them get started playing and/or to learn how to read music.  I love to teach and help people play the music they love, so after graduating from Berklee I decided to open a school to augment what I could offer my students with a fully equipped recording studio, and various courses and ensembles.  I still performed and recorded regularly, but I started a family also, so I stopped touring, and thus opened my school.


    I’ve worked with students of all ages ranging from 4 years to 84 years old.  Complete beginners to extremely advanced fulltime pros studying Guitar, Bass, Piano and Voice.  I’ve had students from all over the world in my studio and also using Skype, and other tele-com software.  I’ve launched many careers, and many who have become quite famous and successful; Gary Hoey/Rock Guitar Star, Dar Williams/Folk singer/songwriter, Andy Bonner/Bassist for PieBald just to name a few.

    All types of musical styles and levels of skill and knowledge……the very serious pro and people who want to play simply for personal recreation and enjoyment.  I've had a quite a few students with learning disablilties and physical disablitlites, and can honestly say that most have learned to play with great success!

    Lately, Robert M., my SKYPE student from Long Island, NY has been sending me his live performance video clips pretty regularly. Robert has been studying with me in my Apprenticeship Program for over 2 years now. He started with Ukulele, then switched to Vocal lessons and coaching, and recently started studying the Guitar with me. Robert is gigging every week and performing like pro, and he sounds like a pro….I’m very proud! He’s being very well received by his audiences too.;-)


    Be thorough, make a list of what you’re looking for in an instructor, cause not every music instructor is right for everybody…..this means you should consider what you hope to accomplish with your lessons, both short term and long term goals.  


    Look for an instructor who is passionate and sincere, has a proven track record, and don’t make your choice based only from reviews you see online.  Many guitar instructors have a “cookie cutter” or “rubber stamp” approach to their teaching style……BUT, it’s very important that an instructor can and does adapt his/her teaching style and syllabus to your goals, level of knowledge, experience and style into consideration…..a custom tailored/individualized approach for YOU!!

    Here’s a list of criteria to determine your best choice; 

    * How many years of teaching experience does the teacher have?

    * What is his/her education background in music?

    * Performance/Recording experience?

    * Has the instructor authored/published any instructional materials; books, DVD’s, videos, online learning curricula? 


    Services offered

    Bass Guitar
    Music Theory