Viola Lessons

Viola Lessons

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My diverse background as educator, professional violist, and music director of Riverview Chamber Players enables me to provide you with a rich musical experience – one that moves beyond technical skills and into the joy of playing.

In your viola or violin lessons,

I promise to:

Create a comfortable and supportive environment in which mistakes are just part of the learning process.

Encourage you to laugh, ask questions, and explore.

Adapt my teaching approach to your learning style.

Use a combination of movement and clapping to teach you rhythm.

Teach you scales and arpeggios including how they apply to the music you are playing.

Emphasize pattern recognition in rhythms, notes, and phrases.

Explain the meaning of musical symbols and help you recognize them in new pieces of music.

Focus on correct movement and physical posture to avoid pain or injury.

Train you in excellent technique.

Play duets with you to enhance your ensemble playing and to highlight the joy of chamber music.

Practice sight-reading to enable you to learn new pieces of music quickly and independently.

Advise you on how to structure your practice sessions.

Introduce you to a variety of styles of music.

Prepare you for two recitals a year with the emphasis on fun!


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Do you own a violin?

Student who has an instrument

Years experience

2 – 4 years experience, 4+ years of experience

Able to read music

Student can read music

Lesson length

60 minutes

Student's age

11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

Instrument interested in

Violin, Viola


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Rebecca is a great viola teacher. She spends the time to help you play the music correctly and doesnt rush through the piece. She actually takes the time and interest to know a student, their likes and dislikes. Besides her being an excellent and easy to follow instructor, I have fun learning the viola with her. She really gives 100% at every class. Ive been a student for about 6 years.
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January 23, 2020

Sally M.

I am an adult learner on the violin, and Rebecca has been my teacher for several years. She always has clear insights into my problem areas and gives me great corrections for improving my technique and tone. I always feel like she gives me 150%!
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January 06, 2020

Paula R.

I am an elder violin student of Rebeccas. I found Rebecca after having tried to work with many other teachers that were wonderful people, very skilled, but I just could not learn from them. Somehow Rebecca knows how to teach me with all my quirks. The first lesson she solved a problem I have had for many to hold the violin comfortably. She watched me play for about 10 minutes and then did some magic with my shoulder rest and fixed my position and it has made a huge difference in my comfort. Well, with her help I am a proud member of the second violin section of the Waltham Philharmonic. I have learned so much from her and I am eternally grateful to her.
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January 04, 2020


Rebecca figured out what I needed and the pace at which I worked best. The lessons have been fun, not frightening (unlike with my previous viola teacher). I am really improving.
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January 03, 2020

Frequently asked questions

  • Practice every day in short sessions rather than once a week in a “cram” session.
  • Set a timer and practice until timer rings (set a time you will successfully be able to complete).
  • Practice the same time every day.
  • Play warm-ups such as scales, finger and/or bowing exercises.
  • Review old pieces of music and exercises as warm up or as cool down after practice.
  • Practice small sections of music or etudes and repeat many times.
  • Focus on one element at a time (left hand position, correct bowing or intonation, etc.).
  • Call or email me if you have questions during your practice session.
  • Come up with your own ideas for making practicing easier.
  • If it’s helpful, ask a family member or friend to listen to a piece you’re working on.
  • Enjoy the movement of your fingers and arms as you play.

Call or email for current pricing.

All ages, but I am currently teaching teenagers and adults.
Talk with the teacher, take a trial lesson, and see if it feels like a good match.
What are your musical goals? How do you want to feel in your lesson? How do you want the teacher to support you in your learning style? What has worked for you with previous teachers and what hasn't worked? How much time do you have to put into your musical education?

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