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I teach all Levels and Styles of folk, blues, and jazz guitar as well as all levels of music theory.

My fees are $60 an hour / $35 a half-hour

Details of my program:

I teach students to understand the instrument --and music --in such a way as to prepare them for whatever styles of music they choose to play.

I will teach you how to play and improvise over songs of all styles, as well as how to create your own arrangements of songs that you choose, in any idiom, as well as creating your own songs.

SONGS -- students choose the songs that they most want to play, and I coach them as they create individual arrangements. Songwriting and arranging is also taught.

IMPROVISATION -- beginning with teaching you how to play the blues, I will teach you how to solo over chord changes, in all genres including blues, jazz, and folk.

CHORDS -- I teach a thorough understanding of chords, from the simplest to the most complex-- with all voicings and resolutions, as well as how to build and implement them in all keys and progressions.

SCALES -- I teach all scales and modes, from the most basic major, minor, blues, and jazz variants to the more obscure and synthetic, and how to implement them in leads, fills, and improvisations.

ARPEGGIOS -- how to make melodies from the most simple to advanced chords throughout the fingerboard.

PICK TECHNIQUE -- how to effectively use a flat-pick in various styles, from folk to jazz.

FINGER PICKING TECHNIQUES -- as used by the great blues, folk, and ragtime


LEFT HAND TECHNIQUE — exercises to create strength and flexibility in the use of the left hand.


MUSIC THEORY — A fascinating, easy-to-understand study of all aspects of Music Theory as taught in the leading music conservatories in the fields of jazz, classical, and folk music.

EAR TRAINING / SIGHT SINGING / RHYTHM TRAINING—You have to hear it before you can play it! Essential elements of musicianship as offered and required in the nation’s most prestigious music schools.

---I taught at the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University

-----I was Co-chairman of the Theory Department /All levels of music theory: From basic scales, intervals, and triads, to creation of fugues and sonata form works.

--My students— former and present—include professional musicians now performing, composing, recording, and teaching and throughout the United States.

I teach all Levels and Styles of folk, blues, and jazz guitar as well as all levels of music


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    Steve D.

    Im 70. Started the guitar late in life and was fortunate to find Larry via a City Paper ad. Ive studied with him since 2003 and would recommend him highly to anyone who wants to learn the guitar. He teaches you music theory, shows you how the guitar works, builds a solid base of guitar fundamentals, and helps you develop your musical ear. He is an accomplished artist and composer (see his website). You would be fortunate, as I have been, to study with Larry.
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    February 13, 2018


    Benjamin P.

    A friend of mine recommended Larry to me ten years ago and I have been taking lessons ever since. I suffered from what a lot of guitar players suffer from, which is not understanding what you need to study to be a real musician. Larrys approach is comprehensive to say the least. If you are dedicated enough to music and you want to improve across a wide variety of skills then go to Larry!
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    February 13, 2018


    Mike G.

    I initially began taking weekly lessons with Larry three plus years ago specifically to learn how to write songs. This pursuit expanded to an interest in multiple related disciplines such as theory, guitar training and music history. The blues became an important component in my education.
    Larry is an exceptionally knowledgeable and talented teacher. He is dependable, patient, and very serious about teaching but with a good sense of humor.
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    February 13, 2018

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