Kathy Kaneda's Keyboard Lessons

Kathy Kaneda's Keyboard Lessons

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I have taught over 20 years and passionate about teaching Each lesson includes learning technique, theory, pieces, sight reading, ear training and developing self confidence while having fun.

I have taught K-12 public school and I am a certified teacher. I have earned a Leon Fleisher award and played a recital at Peabody. I have a BS Music Education and earned several schoarships in college. Several of my students have majored in the music field as a band director, music therapist, and teacher.

I myself want to keep my fingers flexible and learn various teaching methods so I attend publishers workshops and take lessons from the retired BSO pianist. I perform each year and most recently performed a 2nd movement to a Mozart Concerto at various venues. I do have 3 CD's made with my music.

I am a VP of a local chapter of a National Music Educator's Association and with student willingness, have students play in recitals at least twice a year.

Piano, Digital Keyboard, Electronic Keyboard and classical guitar.... all caught by Kathy Kaneda.

I love seeing the children learn new songs, perform and smile when they come to lessons.


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Darrell W.

She is absolutely amazing! I couldn’t ask for a better teacher for my 8yr old daughter’s piano experience. She is positive, patient and super knowledgeable in her craft. Highly recommend!
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November 07, 2018
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Frequently asked questions

Find out what kind of music they like and would like to play. Find out their learning style and type of instrument they will be using.

Have students put entire hand on the keys and individually play one key at a time with one hand at  time.

Find out the patterns on the keyboard and discover where the high and low sounds are located. .

BS Music Education

Pedagogy classes

Private lessons with Baltimore Symphony Pianist

Earned Fleisher Scholarship and took lessons with Fleisher student and performed at Peabody

Pricing for children is based on a tuition basis which follows the school year. Rate is $110/month for a 30 minute lesson per week.

Adult studets can opt to take lessons twice a month for 1 hour or 30 min lessons each week.

I graduated from college and taugh middle school. From the middle school I had students inquire about lessons and I got started from there.

Students from ages 5 - 87, students with ADHD, students with Asbergers, autistic children and those with special needs.

A student decided to play in a costume recital. She did not only a great job on her piece but she transposed it and then played a variation on the theme which she made up.

Another student, after many lessons on composition, submitted his piece for a composition contest and took away 2nd place prize.

Have fun playing music and  celebrate progress. Don't worry about playing perfectly. If you make a mistake, keep playing and don't stop. Focus on the music and how the composer wants you to play the piece.

What kind of music do they like. How committed are they to learning an instrument.

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