Berserker Training, LLC

Berserker Training, LLC

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It offers intense and dynamic workouts that tranforms quicker than most other programs out here. My routines are very exciting and engaging while educating the body on boxing movement!! I perform circuit training with clients to work every part of the body in one session for total body conditioning.

I love helping people transform their body and fitness level. It's a pleasure to see someone start at 0 and go up to a 100!! With consistency and hard work you can accomplish goals and I like to be a part of that.


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9 years in business
Serves Detroit , MI


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Steve J.

Kadeems workouts are challenging, rewarding and fun. I had been working out on my own for a couple of years before I started working with Kadeem. I played sports in high school but once I got to college and started working out, I didnt have much direction. One of Kadeems best tools as a personal trainer is his knowledge. He knows what gets results and how to get the most out of a workout. Another thing that separates Kadeem from other trainers is his boxing knowledge. If you train with Kadeem, I recommend asking him to incorporate boxing into the workout. Boxing is a fun way to use all of your muscles and burn fat. Kadeem is a talented trainer that cares about his clients. His workouts will challenge you and help you reach your fitness goals no matter what stage you are in in your fitness journey. Just like anything else in life though, you will get out what you put in so show up ready to work and you will see the results!
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September 22, 2017

Frequently asked questions

Assessing their current level, getting to know their background, and figuring out their athletic style.

Years of personal study and application of exercise science as well as an expert rating personal training certification.

I have standard prices for daily monthly and weekly. My prices for each are $20 daily, $30 weekly, and $100 monthly.

Many people were attracted to my training style and asked me for advice.

College students , laborers, young, old, male, female, athletic, non athletic.

The great boxing event of the bout between Gennady Golovkin & Canelo Alvarez.

Look for past training results of other clients before committing to any trainer for a long term price package. This is why I make my training viewable online so potential clients see the quality.

What's most important to their life and longevity.

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