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Playing guitar isn't just about the notes. As a musician and luthier, I can teach you how to play and help you understand how your instrument works.

Photography can help you view your surroundings in a new light. You will start to appreciate the beauty of the world more than you have ever before. I can get you up and running taking photos in just a few weeks.

I love teaching. Information should be shared. In a perfect world, nobody would have to pay for anything and everyone could have a job they love to do. Unfortunately, we all have bills to pay so I have to charge.

My favorite website is freeinfosociety.com

This is a fantastic site for free e-books, schematics, and articles.

I think my favorite thing about teaching is when my students suddenly understand the information and everything clicks into place. Its a fantastic reaction to watch and experience.

Create, Learn, Explore, but most importantly.. Have Fun!


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    Jessica F.

    Not only was he knowledgeable and confident within that knowledge, but he was patient and could visually and verbally explain things to you. He was pleasant to learn from and creates a judge-free atmosphere that helps you learn in a compelling way and not a condemning way. Very pleased! Definitely learning a lot from him!
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    October 22, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    For guitar:

    The first thing to do is figure out what you know. Usually that starts with a small jam session. If you are coming from never having touched an instrument, we'll start with the very basics like learning the string names and tuning.

    For Photography:

    The very first thing we do is make sure you have a camera that suits you. If you do, we will go over how a camera operates, what modes there are and what they do, how to swap lenses properly, and go over terminology. 

    For guitar:

    I graduated from new school for the arts in Arizona as well Roberto-Venn school of luthiery (building and repairing stringed instruments)

    For photography:

    I am entirely self taught. Years of reading through books and forums and tinkering with my cameras.

    For guitar and photography:

    Pricing works by student level. Starting at just $20/30 minutes.

    I started teaching in 2008 because I needed to supplement my income after getting married. It turns out I like teaching more than anything else so I've stuck with it.

    I've taught all kinds of people from all walks of life. As young as 7 and as old as 55. You can learn guitar at any age!

    Ask a ton of questions! Be annoying with it. Ask all the stupid questions too. Not only will that help weed out teachers that arent suited to your personality but it will help bring you people that can teach in your learning style. 

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