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Welcome!  I am truly happy that you are making the first step in transforming your guitar playing and becoming the best musician that you can be.

Making the decision to take guitar lessons is a big step.  Taking guitar lessons from the right instructor that can guide, teach and train you how to play the way the way you want is the key to turning it into a valuable investment of your time, effort and money.

I want you to know that learning can and should be fun.  If you are just starting out or your past learning experiences have left you unhappy, this is a new beginning for you. 

Learning guitar takes some commitment, work and discipline.  But when you get lessons from a teacher that makes the process clear, simple to understand and shows you exactly what you need to learn and exactly how and what you need to practice you will get big results on the guitar!

My goal is to take you through the steps that will get you playing the guitar the way you want.  I want to take the mystery and frustration out of it and show you exactly what you need to do and when and how to do it to get the results you want.

I love to help people get big results on the guitar so that they can play the music they love and have it sound great!

A common misconception that people have about playing the guitar is that you have to be born with “natural talent.”  It’s not true!

I understand first hand that learning guitar can be frustrating at times—I’ve been through it myself.  But it’s worth it!

With so much random, conflicting or just plain wrong information available on the internet and elsewhere and so many misleading sales pitches for products about guitar playing out there, you can end up spinning your wheels endlessly trying to get better at the guitar. And you can end up spending a lot of your money and time in the process, without feeling like you are getting anywhere with your guitar playing. 

But with the right guidance from me, you will see results in your playing faster than with any other learning method. 

Instead of the "one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter lesson" approach you'll get with other teachers and online websites, I will create a personalized strategy to help you achieve your specific goals on the guitar in the fastest time possible with the least amount of hassle and frustration.  When you leave your lesson, you will know exactly what you need to practice and the right way to do it.  Every time. 

You will learn and improve quickly with a clear strategy for your success—no more wasting your time and money and ending up disappointed with the results. 

Guitar lessons are about much more than just getting information.  As you have probably already seen for yourself, the internet is full of information on playing the guitar.  What will help your guitar playing improve the most quickly and effectively is guidance from an experienced teacher and hands-on training, so that you can learn how to actually use and apply the information that you learn to your real life musical situations.

You won't get this level of hands-on guitar and music training from any other teacher anywhere else, so don't settle for amateur guitar lessons from an amateur guitar teacher.

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