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Offers online services
Offers online services


I tend to be a "teach a man to fish" type of teacher. I'm willing to teach somebody in the more traditional song-based approach but rather than teaching you songs and building your dependancy on me, I'd rather teach you how to learn any songs you want on your own. My aim is to teach the fundemental building blocks of music in a way that can be immediately applied to your own learning/creative journey. I don't teach perscriptive "rules" but rather the observabvle DESCRIPTIVE "laws" that have been discovered and used creatively through the centuries. I'm a lover of just about all styles of music both old and new with very little in the way of musical prejudice.

I enjoy seeing people become self-sufficent learners. With a solid foundation, a person can go many years without lessons while continuously improving their knowledge and skills. Call it counter-intuitive but I try to teach myself out of a job.


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Offers online services

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    First, I assess where the student is in terms of prior knowledge and skill with a keen eye out for detrimental techniques and general bad techinical habbits that slow a person's progress. From there, I come up with exercises to build that student's ability both in terms of technique and theoretical understanding.  From there, the student can apply that knowledge to any music they wish. That's my general MO but I'm not married to it.  If a different approach works better for a student, that's exactly what we do.  

    30 years of real-life experience and about 50 books on theory, composition, improvisation, etc.  Self-taught but always with the aim of attaining professional level skill and knowledge.  I read and write music but don't force it down anybody's throat.

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