Mike Grammes Music Lessons

Mike Grammes Music Lessons

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I believe the best teachers are those who are able to understand the aspirations of their students and are able to give them the info and methods to acquire their dreams. I try to set student specific goals and learning paths to give them what they need.

I view music as a form of communication like other languages. To be literate with a language, one must be able to understand it when they hear it, be able to say their own thoughts, be able to read written language, and write their own thoughts. I believe all of these skills are important when someone is learning music to be well rounded and literate. That's not to say "everything" must be known. But I believe students should have an understanding of fundamentals of music and how it applies to their musical genres and aspirations.

My hope is to always give my students the knowledge they need to be able to express themselves as they desire.


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Kathy S.

Great teacher. Patient with beginners like me. Enjoyable.
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June 12, 2018


Ken G.

Mike took time to listen and get a sense of where I was coming from, and was very encouraging while marking clear, specific tracks forward.
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January 24, 2018
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Michael H.

works at my pace. Makes the learning process understandable. His positive and supportive attitude helps keep my confidence up.
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August 10, 2017
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Bridget M.

Mike has been wonderful with my husband. He is learning to play guitar with some challenges. He is in his 40s, first time student, left handed, and missing his left index finger. So not the easiest learning situation but with practice and determination we believe he can do this. Mike has a challenge in adapting his teaching to my husbands specific needs. But he has graciously accepted this challenge and made the lessons fun for my husband to learn. I greatly appreciate this and Mikes patience as well. The process of finding and hiring Mike with lessons.com was easy and simple to do. I would highly recommend Mike and lessons.com
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June 13, 2017
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Peter F.

Mike has a wonderful personality. He came to my place with his gear and we talked about my experience, musical interests and goals. He explained his teaching approach, then tailor fit a lesson plan for me...he even brought the study guide he recommended...Awesome!
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June 06, 2017
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Keli R.

We really loved our first piano lesson with Mike. He indivualized the lesson for each of my 4 boys. He is very energetic and makes music fun! I highly recommend him!
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April 27, 2017
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Frequently asked questions

I like to find out what the students goals and aspirations are. We really only learn what we are most interested in. Once I have an idea of a students interests and aspirations, I can use the music a student likes to teach them the necessary musical concepts to be able to express themselves.

BA Music from Western Michigan University


5+ Years  as Camp Counselor at Interlochen and WMU's Seminar Music Camp

3+ Years as Ski Instructor

10+ Years playing in bands

5+ years teaching privat lessons

I also travel to your home for lessons. Rates for travel lessons are:

1/2 Hour $30

Hour       $50

All my life I have found it easy break concepts down into simple steps and give that understanding to others. Luckily I also find great joy in that.

I've worked with just about every age of student between teaching music and skiing. When it comes to learning we all start each new skill at the beginning. With different ages it's just a different lense of experience.

I was recently teaching 4 year old to ski. He was having problems and saying, "I can't do it."

I reminded him that everything we can now do was once something that we couldn't do. I told him I wanted him to say he "couldn't do it YET but was going to learn". By the end of the lesson he was saying he "COULD" do it. And he could.

Find someone who inspires you and can give you the tools to achieve what you want to do. Obviously you want someone you like, but remember we grow the most when we are out of our comfort zone. So you do want someone who is going to push you beyound what is "easy and fun".

What music they like.

What they hope to achieve.

How much they are willing to work.

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