Music lessons specializing in guitar and bass. I have a free guitar deal so you don’t have to invest in an expensive instrument before being sure you or your child will stick with it.

I believe learning the guitar (or any instrument) can be more than just playing songs. We can stick to that if thats your goal but learning can also be about reading music, understanding Music theory, notation, improvisation, even physics and math! Skills you can take to any other instrument or anywhere else

Of course, if you just want to play some songs, it can be that too.

I enjoy teaching guitar because I love watching students discover the creativity they didn’t know they had once they get past the fundamentals and discover how to put pieces together.

I’ve had students from 4 to 84 years old and its always a joy to witness the learning process.

We can learn by book, by ear, by tab, but best to learn by a combination of all. I generally use the Hal Leonad method and gradually add in scales, chords and theory to really expand possibilities. The idea is that kids start playing recognizable songs almost immediately and are encouraged to keep progressing.

Improvisation can also begin almost right away if you want to create, or you can focus on technical mastery, either way you or your child should enjoy what you’re learning along the way.

I taught friends and acquaintances for years before opening JAMS (i.e., Jeff’s Art and Music Studio) in NY in 2001 where I usually had between 30 and 45 students/week (mostly kids, but some adults as well). I sold the business in 2006 and have been teaching just a few students off and on since.

Seeing the light go on as a kid discovers for the first time that sometimes a “mistake” sounds better than the “correct” note, or when someone discovers that a misbehaving finger that last week wouldn’t listen, is suddenly going where it’s supposed to go and the student didnt even realize it before it happened.


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    Megan L.

    My son had really enjoyed his lessons with Jeff.
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    June 26, 2021
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    Holly B.

    Jeff is an awesome guitar teacher. My 8 year old son is enjoying taking guitar lessons and learning a lot. Jeff is super great with kids .... encouraging and fun.
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    February 12, 2021


    Laura H.

    My son really enjoys his guitar lessons with Jeff. He comes home excited about playing music!
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    February 27, 2019
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    Frequently asked questions

    1st lesson generally includes familiarizing the student with guitar , parts, how it works; then how to hold and sit, then the notes on the first string (e,f,g)—how to read the music and to play them. Then playing a few songs and discussion of what and how to practice  

    2nd lesson:  Assuming the student practiced what we went over on the first string, we add the notes of the 2nd string (b,c,d)

    3rd lesson: 3rd string...

    once we get through the third string we start adding small chords (3-string) and chord concepts (I.e., a bit of music theory disguised as a game) continue with remaining strings adding in scales, then improvisation, more theory, composition, etc. 

    36 years of playing guitar/bass; 15 years of teaching; 6 years as a student in classical, flamenco, blues and rock guitar; performance in rock, jazz guitar ensemble, punk, folk, bluegrass, and Celtic groups; 2 years of music theory 

    $35/lesson (55-Min)

    or get a 10-lesson deal with a free acoustic guitar (private label guitars—4 models to choose from) and lesson book for $300...(55-min lessons)


    $25/lesson (35-min)

    10-lessons with a free acoustic guitar (private label guitars—4 models to choose from) and lesson book for $220...(35-min lessons)

    Just want to buy a guitar?  Four models  $42 (038-R), $48 (039-B), $55 (041-DR), and $59 (040-SB)

    Friends/acquaintances (kids at the camp I was a counselor at) asked me teach them, and I found that I like teaching as much as playing.

    4 to 84 years old...guitar, bass, mandolin, drums...

    Decide what you want to ultimately be able to do, but Be open to the path the teacher presents on how to get there. 

    Don’t doubt your ability to learn. Think about where you wanna go, don’t focus on the difficulty of the path to get there rather, ask me: What should I learn first if I want to someday be able to  ______?

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