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We are a board based music education. We are not singularly focused. We are not just piano, singing, or guitar lessons. We teach all the rudiments of music in a fun, fasted pace, game, and story telling environment. Learning music is fun at CMA. That hard, rote music lessons that you and I grew up with are erased. Parents and students love coming to class where we take hard abstract musical concepts and make them concrete. All the while learning to sing, play the piano, harmony, composition, ensemble playing, guitar, and recorder. Smiles and Laughter are the norm at every CMA lesson.

There are 6 teachers at CMA and over 200 students. All of our teachers are college grauates with a love for kids, music, and teaching. The combined years of teaching music is over 100 years.

Chidlren's Music Academy is truly the best place in the whole to teach music. Parents, students, and teachers have so much fun learning music that the smiles and laughter is never ending!!!


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Kyler D.

The best decision weve ever made.
Absolutely ground breaking program.
Our daughter is thriving and we are thankful beyond words.
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June 14, 2018


Peg L.

Donna Carlin is a wonderful music teacher and Childrens Music Academy was a great place to start my childrens musical education! The curriculum is fantastic and the group setting makes it so much fun! My children learned to play the piano and got introduced to the recorder and guitar, they were taught a lot of music theory and it was reinforced with games in the classroom, they played solos in their classes and got very comfortable performing for others and I attended class with them so we had a special musical date each week- so much fun!
Now that they are older (ages 13-21) all three are wonderful singers and they love music and have had so many great experiences singing with choirs, bands, an opera- and who knows whats to come? I attribute much of their success to the musical foundation that was laid by Donna Carlin at Childrens Music Academy!
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August 08, 2016

Frequently asked questions

Our lessons are small group lessons.  No more than 11 students in each class - with a parent attending.  Our lessons are for the beginning student ages 3-9.  We have one program for our 3 - young 4 age student that is called Pre-Junior.  It is an 8 week choice that begins each Fall and Spring.  Our Junior program is for our 4-6 age student.  It is 3 1/2 years long.  Our last program is for our 7-9 age students called our Intermediate Program lasting 2 1/2 years.  Our Junior 4-6 and Intermediate Program 7-9 follow the same schedule as Springfield Public Schools.  All beginning classes start in August and run through May.

All of our teachers are college graduates.  Several of our teachers have music majors the rest have a music minor. 

There is an enrollment fee of $85.00.  This also covers the students material needs until their first program.  The first program is typically 2 1/2 years after they begin.  Lessons are $63.00 a month for 10 months August - May.  The lessons are $630.00 for the year but if you pay up front there is a $30.00 discount.

I personal have always loved music - every aspect.  I taught in the Dallas, Texas Public school system for several years then decided to teach privately since we had moved out of the area and I then had young children.  When we relocated to Denver, Colorado I got my first taste of Children’s Music Academy.  I jumped back into the class room situation and have never looked back.  It is the most amazing program!!  I love every aspect - teachers have a blast, children have a blast, and parents get the added benefit of not only being with their child but learning music right along with them.   Each of our other teachers has similar stories.  Children’s Music Academy just makes learning music FUN!!!!!

Our beginning age group is 3-9.

There is no better place to begin your musical journey then at Children's Music Academy.  We give each student an incredible board based musical foundation.  They then upon graduation can then apply this knowledge to the musical instrument of their choice.  All the private teacher has to do is show them how to hold it, blow it, or bow it and the student is off and running.  Private teachers in the Springfield area love getting a CMA graduate. 

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