Skateboarding/ Rollerblading And Graffiti Art Lessons

Skateboarding/ Rollerblading And Graffiti Art Lessons

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I have over 2 decades of experience in painting and have been very artistic my whole life. I have been skating and learning martial arts since I was a kid. I am self taught in art, so my teaching is influenced by that. I work with you where you're at and guide you into your unique self expression. We will work on techniques and use of materials, as well as mindset and inner approach to exploring and creating.


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Offers online services

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    Rashida T.

    Miles, is still teaching my 7 year old daughter. As well as the skate boarding she is very much impressed by his artistic talents and she enjoys her lessons thoroughly. Miles has a very kind and approachable manner with our daughter. She’s a slow and steady learner but has learnt quite a-lot from Miles in a short time. I would highly recommend his lessons and have already referred him to friends.
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    May 01, 2021
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    Winnie F.

    Miles is a wonderful teacher. Hes teaching my 11yr old daughter skateboarding. He is patient, kind, and really takes to the time to understand the way she learns. Its been great to see her go from shy to taking risks with each class. He is genuinely just as excited and proud as I am when he sees her master a new skill. Im sure shell be a skater for life because of Miles.
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    April 29, 2021
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    Joseph B.

    Kid friendly, reliable.
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    February 12, 2021
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    Oran B.

    Miles is so talented and patient with everyone he works for! A great teacher! Super friendly as well!! Been working with him for years!
    I recommend using him, the best art class ever !!
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    November 30, 2020



    My son (almost 7 years old) has been taking skateboarding private lesson with Miles and we have been so happy to work with him. He is patient, encouraging and understanding my son’s preferred style of learning. He first observed my son’s leaning style and tailors his instruction based on it. My son has improved his skills greatly over three lessons and he asks me when his next class is. My son looks up to Miles and I so much appreciate that he has someone other than family members he admires and respects.
    I’m a teacher myself with over 15 years of teaching kids so I know what makes a good teacher. Miles is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend him.
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    November 30, 2020


    Darren M.

    Miles is fantastic. My 7 year old son loves working with him over Zoom. Miles loves the art of Graffiti and instills that in our son. They have a great time talking and making art together. Miles is responsive and generous in his time. We have had a great experience with him.
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    August 23, 2020
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    Frequently asked questions

    I always start with asking what your experience is with art, and what makes them interested in learning. I observe what your perspective and thought process is around their own work and process so as to know what is coloring their relationship with their creative process. 

    If you have experience, we take a look at their work together and I listen to your thoughts about your work, what you like and what you would like to explore more. If you have no experience, I have us paint or draw alongside each other and observe your process. I observe nuances in the process and then intuitively take the next steps from there. 

    I have always desired to explore and discover my artistry on my own, without any institution or instruction. This way I intend to create as authentically as possible, and discover my own ways and techniques. I have had some tips from graffiti artists on a few basic techniques, and took a basic art class in college where I was asked to create some works in styles I would not have thought of, which showed me there are many tools and materials I can use to express myself, other than spraypaint and markers. 

    Because I am self-taught, using my own self-awareness and self-examination to explore and develop,  I find myself to be good at guiding others through their process in a way that honors who they are. Im also great at helping trained artists break out of confines of their institutional influences. 

    I do have formal training in acting under Diaan Ainslee, and martial arts training from Randy Tay, and under Yushinkan in NYC. These practices also influence me as a person and artist and inform my artistic process. All goes hand in hand. 


    $60 per hour per person

    + $30 per hour if the lesson goes over 1.5 hours ( this is usually for parents who let their kids keep skating with me if they like to, sort of a part- babysitting situation) 

    $10-$20 extra to come to you if you are in the far reaches of Brooklyn, Queens,  North of Soho, or outside of NYC, depending on distance. Im located in Kensington, Brooklyn.

    for in person:

    $30 per hour per person with a $100 minimum per session. 

    One class should be 2 hours minimum.

    If youre on a budget, you can bring a friend and split the cost this way:

     3 hours for up to 4 people for $100

    I am also open to negotiating something else if these prices dont work. 

    Corporate and big group rates available

    After getting in some trouble for doing graffiti in the streets of NYC in 2006, I began doing community service with a non-profit that worked with kids in low-income areas. I did some drawing and mural classes with kids, and painted some murals in the neighborhoods. 

    One day I recalled how fortunate I was to have the bits of support here and there, from my mother to a graffiti artist friend I ha been through a lot with. They gave me inspiration to explore myself as an artist, more than just a tagger, and helped me with a bit of skill. By the time I had to quit tagging, I had developed enough skill to feel I could move on to explore making other kinds of art. I knew that many graffiti-tagging kids quit on art all together after they get in trouble with the law, because they have not yet developed enough skill to feel they  have a chance at developing as an artist. So the thought came to share some skills and inspiration on youtube. I noticed at the time, in 2010, there were no graffiti tutorials that explained anythng. They were just sped up videos of someone sketching. So I began making " Reskew's Tutoroals". The channel currently has close to 15,000 subscribers. 

    Years later, aside from some small one time art classes here and there, some through Brooklyn Workshop Gallery,  some opportunities fell in my lap. I have since then worked for Smarter Toddler Preschool and Daycare, Crayon Power with kids with autism, Brooklyn Apple Academy, and Dida Academy.

    I have worked mostly with students with little to no experience or formal training in art, from ages 1 to 70. Some have had diagnoses of adhd and autism, at different levels of the scale. 

    Most of my skateboarding students have been absolute beginners. 

    I think the most important thing is that you get a good feeling about the teacher and will feel good working with them. If someone tells you you have to do something a certain way, run the other way. A good teachers approach should be along the lines of " if you want this outcome, you could try this. But take what you like and leave the rest. You might discover something I never thought of, and eventually, you will."

    I think a student has already had all the thoughts they need to go to a new teacher. The teacher should be able to draw out the information they need, if not already presented. It is part of the process.  You may have an idea that you want to learn a specific style, such as landscape, portrait, or abstract. However, a teacher who has no experience in the style can teach you foundational aspects of how to use the paints and materials, and can be of great help to start you off. 

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