Mezzo-soprano, Voice And Piano Teacher

Mezzo-soprano, Voice And Piano Teacher

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Offers online services
Offers online services


How my service stands out, or why choose me as your teacher over someone else: Degrees in voice and piano performance and music education. Over 25 years Manhattan-based performing experience. 25 years private teaching experience of students of all ages. Five years university teaching experience. Extensive knowledge of technique and level-appropriate repertoire for both singers and pianists. For singers, experience teaching college-level foreign language lyric diction, sight singing, and opera workshop give added dimension to lessons. For pianists, music theory/keyboard harmony and improvisation are included. See my site at for more information on my background.

What I enjoy about the work I do is helping people to express themselves through music! My students get to share what they have learned with my other students and with their family and friends during our annual student recitals. See my site at for more information on my teaching philosophy.


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    Paula K.

    I took voice lessons with Robin Lynne Frye for three years and would gladly have continued if she had not moved out of the New York area. Robin is a teacher who has a full knowledge of all aspects of the voice: vocal technique, vocal exercises, the anatomy of the voice, vocal repertoire. She is a very competent accompanist on the piano. In addition to her excellent technical skills, Robin makes a great effort to get to know her students musical abilities and preferences and always suggests music that both challenges and satisfies the student. Lastly, Robin is a lovely, engaging person, a teacher who encourages but is not afraid to correct, and a pleasure to work with. (Written in August 2021)
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    August 24, 2021


    Francesco R.

    From my very first lesson with Robin, about 15 years ago,
    she made me feel welcome, and comfortable. I could tell she was a professional New York teacher.
    She systematically evaluated my abilities, made me aware of them, concentrated on my strengths, and gave me a new desire to improve my weaknesses. Then, she taught me how to sing safely, without damaging my vocal cords.
    After only a short time, my confidence level went through the roof !
    She had me hitting high notes, I never could before.
    She makes me want to always aim higher, and constantly improve my singing technique.
    Robin is an inspiration to her students, and I highly recommend her.
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    May 19, 2021


    Heather N.

    Robin not only is an amazing voice instructor with impeccable choice of pieces to build musical repertoire, she meets the specialized needs of every student she works with. She shows up with every student in a way that causes fears and anxiety to fade. She provides feedback in the way the individual student can hear it, accept it, and grow from it. My work with Robin took place during an extremely difficult time in my life. She held me accountable, gently pushed and encouraged me, and taught me more than I could ever accurately express. Thanks, Robin! Ever grateful for you!
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    May 19, 2021


    Kay B.

    Robin Lynne Frye was an extraordinary vocal instructor in every sense of the word! I began studying with Robin in February, 2012 and worked with her continually for 3-4 years until health problems and subsequently the pandemic, curtailed my ability to continue studying with her.
    I had been singing professionally for over 30 plus years when I started with Robin but in a very short period of time, she enabled me to increase my stage confidence and enhance my performance ability substantially. She helped me to prepare for my concerts and various musical engagements with improved breathing support; she introduced me to classical pieces and assisted with foreign language diction and translation; she recommended various classical pieces to add to my repertoire and identified the appropriate keys for my selections. Annually, she engaged her students in a recital which provided performance opportunities and allowed her students to interact with and observe the abilities of her other students.
    Robin has an extensive professional background that is demonstrated through her maturity, patience, music mastery, sensitivity and understanding of her students needs and abilities. She vividly displayed the fundamental elements of being a good singer through her own musical career. I relished my lessons because she always gave me an opportunity to discuss my endeavors and convey concerns regarding my musical career.
    A consummate professional, Robin Lynne Frye is an extremely talented instructor who possesses good communication skills; she is personable, organized, knowledgeable, punctual and an absolute pleasure to work with.
    I highly recommend Robin Lynne Frye for vocal instruction.
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    May 14, 2021


    Marc O.

    Robin is the consummate musical professional and teacher.
    She teaches with patience, care, and detailed attention to her students,
    no matter their ability level.
    Shes also a highly accomplished musician, singer, and pianist.
    Other teachers I tried, were not.
    That made a huge difference in my decision to study with her.
    So, if youre really serious about learning to sing, or play the piano,
    shes absolutely the teacher to study with.
    Ive been her student for almost 15 years, and highly recommend her.
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    May 06, 2021


    Andrew W.

    Robin is one of the best piano teachers I have ever had. I myself am a musician and music teacher while I was able to play a lot of pop and rock music, I didnt play much classical music and wanted to refine my technique. I had not taken a piano lesson after the age of 8. What I enjoy about working with Robin is that not only do we play the pieces of the piano but we also dig deeper and analyze the music using theoretical concepts as well as understand the composers intention for the piece. I like that we do a variety of repertoire during our lessons from Bach and Debussy to reading leadsheets from Broadway musicals. I also am an aspiring choral director and she is the only teacher I know who understands how to read open score as well as tips on instructing the choir while playing.
    I have taken lessons from Robin in two years and I feel my playing has improved immensely, especially reading ledger lines. I give my highest recommendation to consider her for a piano teacher.
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    May 05, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    Talk with student about his or her background, why he or she wants to take lessons,the type of music he or she likes.  Explain my background and my approach.  If the student has had prior musical training, assess his or her level.  Establish goals and discuss how we will work toward them.

    Degrees in voice and piano performance and music education.  Ongoing professional development study to stay current in my field.  Many years of teaching experience and professional performing experience.  See my site at for more details.

    I accept voice students from age 15 and up, earlier by audition.  I accept piano students of all ages.  For students younger than 10, lessons are usually one-half hour per week.  For students 10 and older, lessons are one hour per week.  Students are charged a standard hourly rate.  Please contact me for more details.

    My voice teacher is a well-known vocal pedagogue and teaching mentor based in New York City.  He also makes frequent trips to Europe to give master classes, and students come from all over the world to study with him.  The positive, supportive, and highly effective teaching atmosphere he creates in his studio and the solid understanding of the function of the voice which I learned from him inspired me to share my knowledge with others.  As I have played the piano all my life as well as singing, it was natural for me to teach piano as well, especially when asked to do so by one of my voice students.  (I accompany my voice students in their lessons, thereby saving them the additional cost of an accompanist.)  My studio has continued to thrive with students studying both voice and piano since 1992.

    Piano students - ages 3 to nearly 80.  Voice students - ages 11 to nearly 80.  Professional, actively performing musicians and devoted amateurs who study for the love of music. 

    For many years, I have sung duo-recitals with my husband, baritone Robert Mobsby (see his site at, and these are the highlight of my musical experiences.  They stretch me as an artist, and we make a point of always learning repertoire that is new to us and polishing it with our pianist, Douglas Drake, until we have explored all its musical nuances.  It is so gratifying to present these concerts to our audiences and to connect with them through the music and through spoken program notes.

    It is in turn so rewarding to hear my students perform at our studio recitals, sharing what they have learned with the other students and with their family and friends.  This is the culminating annual event toward which we work all year, and the students always experience a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from performing.

    Research your prospective teacher's background.  Find someone who seems like a good fit in terms of experience, style of music, and teaching philosophy.  There is no one teacher who is right for everyone, but you should know in a relatively short time if you have found someone who is right for you.

    What do you want to accomplish through your lessons?  What are your musical goals?  Are you willing to put in the practice time required to progress with your lessons?  An hour a week with your teacher is meant to teach you the information you need to apply during your practice time, which is where your learning really takes off.  At each lesson, we refine what you did on your own since your last lesson, answer any questions you may have, and teach you the next steps to prepare you for another week of practice.

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