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Offers online services


There is absolutely nothing in my life that I am more passionate about than the subject of Music. In four words: It is my life. I am an avid reader, a hobbyist composer and producer, an educator and a musician.

Not only do I currently hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Music, and a Master of Arts degree in Music Theory-Composition, but for fourteen (14) years I have taught music appreciation, theory and practice in the public school system of the Virgin Islands.

I also privately taught voice, piano and other musical instruments to students aged five to adult for a little over twenty-five (25) years. Many of these students aspired to and undertook the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) examinations. I am proud to say that the majority of them attained Distinctions and Merits, and some (very few) Passes.

I am currently the Minister of Music at my church here in New Jersey, where I not only play the keyboards (piano, organ etc.), but teach every vocal part (with techniques) to the praise and worship team.

I so enjoy sharing my knowledge of music to any and everyone who asks for my advice, that I am now in the process of creating a blog website to do so (

I believe that everything takes time, patience and practice. I do not believe in moving forward from one topic, method or idea to the next until my student has fully comprehended the concept that comes before; and I love to see the facial expressions and reactions when 'epiphany' takes place.

It also makes me extremely, indescribably happy when I happen upon past students that I have trained, especially those who still continue in the music field; and they profusely thank me for my time and encouragement that helped to nurture and 'form' them. This simply gives me a great sense of accomplishment and worth.


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Working with GRab The Legacy sounds was a tremendous experience. Ive learned so much and I am entirely grateful for having the opportunity to do so. This has giving me more experience and also more of an influence in perusing my dreams in because a music teacher . I completely recommend persons to join because you wont regret it .
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February 23, 2018


Mr. H.

Awesome instructor. Very patient and easy going with instructional methods that are easy to grasp and understand.
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February 20, 2018


Monique F.

Miss Rabsatt is an excellent music teacher! One of the absolute best! She taught my three children piano and saxophone over a period of six years and they simply loved her. I had never seen my kids more excited about doing anything outside of sitting in front of the tele. They couldnt wait to attend their weekly lessons with her. One of my sons went on to sit for and successfully pass the ABRSM exams receiving two Merits. My daughter played the sax and she always assisted her with her practice routine and in her homework assignments. They all grew very attached to Miss Rabsatt, and still keep in constant touch with her regularly. I highly recommend her services!!!
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February 20, 2018


Monique F.

Ms. Rabsatt of GRabTheLegacy Soundz taught piano and some voice training to my daughter for a little over five years. I found her to be an excellent teacher, firm and very fair. Jen was always excited to visit her studio for her weekly lessons. She made the lessons fun and the information very easy to understand - even for myself, who knew nothing about the topic! Excellent and highly recommended teacher.
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February 19, 2018


L. A.

An awesome experience. Excellent teacher who knows whats she about when it comes to music.
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February 13, 2018


Brent H.

What I really love about working with Grab The Legacy Sounds was that everything was fun and interesting to learn , made it so simple that anyone could have understand the information given , also the use of technology that was use ,was very very convient and time efficient as well. Overall My experience with Legacy Soundz were one the best, It impacted me from a young age to take music to another level and expand my horizon . It is safe to say Legacy soundz made the Professional musician that I am today!
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February 13, 2018

Frequently asked questions

In my typical process for working with a new student, I first try to determine what my student's needs or desires are.  Over the years I have found that some students simply want to 'play by ear' and not go through the typical 'method book' stages.  Sometimes I am also asked to transcribe a student's favorite pop song, and I would comply using computer software such as Finale or Sibelius.

For very young students, I always recommend method books with pretty and colorful characters (as can be found in the John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course books.)  Then step by step, we go through each page with my explaining everything that is found on there, and leaving room for questions and full comprehension.  We never move forward until the student fully understands the concept, and plays at least 90% accurately.

I encourage my students between lessons to always practice what we have covered during our previous lesson.  At the start of the proceeding lesson, I always take my students back to a portion of the previous lesson for a brief review, to ensure their full understanding and capability. 

During elementary school, I undertook piano lessons for a brief period.  During my high school years, I continued with some piano lessons and mostly with clarinet training.  I received a Distinction in Music at the close of my high school studies, as well as Distinctions in the theory and practical Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music examinations.

I began studying Music Education at Concordia College in Bronxville, New York before transfering after two years, to the University at Albany (SUNY), Albany, New York where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in General Music.

After teaching music in the public school system in the Virgin Islands for fourteen years, I pursued and attained my Master of Arts degree in Music Theory-Composition at the Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey.

My standard pricing system for piano lessons is dependent on the distance that I have to drive to get to the student's location, and/or if it is an online lesson.

Online lessons are $25 for one half hour and $40 for one hour.

Private/At home lessons are $35 for one half hour and $50 for one hour.

However, these prices are negotiable.

During the majority of my high school years, I was blessed to have the most patient, inspirational, motivational music instructor, Mr. Selwood.  He was the one who encouraged me to prepare for and undertake the ABRSM examinations.  I did, and I received Distinctions in both the theory and the practical.  

Mr. Selwood, along with Ms. Creque, my favorite English instructor were so instrumental in my life,  I decided to become a teacher.  I wavered for years between studying and teaching Music and English, but naturally Music won out (although my minor during my undergrad years was in English.)

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