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I'm a full-time music performer. Although I've been teaching for 16 years, I still make an effort to continuing learning and studying music on my own. I have a master's degree in percussion performance from the University of Illinois, and my professional career has taken me to over 35 countries and 40 of the United States. In short, I teach my students the things that have made my music career successful.

Music can be both fun and serious. I make an effort to cater the curriculum to each student's interests. I emphasize listening to music in each style that we study, with an effort to compare and contrast styles. I teach the students how to read, and practice sight reading to avoid learning based solely on repetition. As a teacher, I value success by each student's own creativity shining through after learning broad concepts.

It is important to develop good practice habits, including regularity, efficient use of time, accurate techniques, achieving goals, and exploring creativity. Precision begins with practice.

Any lesson can be the lesson that changes a young musician's world. The more a student learns and accomplishes, the more they'll be able to explore that world on their own.

I currently offer:

• Beginning through Advance Drum Set, World Percussion, Orchestral Percussion, Mallet Percussion, Timpani, and Steel Pan.

• Beginner through Intermediate Piano, Music Theory, Jazz Piano

• Intro to Guitar


13 years in business
Serves Warwick , RI


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Joe G.

Aaron Cote is the best music teacher I have come across in all my years of learning. He is always bringing me new methods of learning music theory, many of which he comes up with himself. Definitely deserves five stars!
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February 10, 2020

Frequently asked questions

After a quick meet and greet, we dive right into the basics.  Even if the student has had lessons before, it's important to me that they learn their instrument correctly.  I demonstrate technique and teach a few basic exercises in a hands-on learning environment.  Depending on the student's level of understanding, I often demonstrate how the material will be used in the future, which allows the student to see a goal in action ahead of time.  In subsequent weeks, we review the material from previous weeks and expand upon it in a cumulative learning experience.  We also talk about music that inspires the student.  Each week, I write down practice goals in their note pad.

• Master of Music, Performance from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
• Bachelor of Music from Butler University
• Graduate Teaching Assistant, UIUC
• 15+ years teaching private lessons, group classes, and workshops for organizations
• 20 years professional performance experience

Pricing depends on location and proximity to other lessons.  General starting rate is $60/hour. 

Following a successful performance career, backed by collegiate education and experience, students have sought me out for lessons.  Some were set up from the universities, and many have been based on referrals.  

K-12, Collegiate, Home-school students, community classes, elderly, one-on-one and in groups. 

One of my younger students created a music notation system using hand-drawn dinosaurs, and allocated certain dinosaurs for each type of note and rest. 

Your learning experience flourishes based on your individual effort and pursuit of knowledge.  Know what you expect, and your instructor should guide you to realize your hopes/dreams, and maybe even shape them in somewhat adjacent directions.  

Does this instructor understand what the student is looking for?  Does the student understand what s/he is looking to accomplish?  What does the student plan to do with music in the present/future?  Why is the student looking to learn music? 

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