Lex Padgett Beginner Guitar Lessons

Lex Padgett Beginner Guitar Lessons


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Are you frustrated that your child is spending too much time by him/herself watching netflix, or playing on the phone, tablet, or playing video games?

Do you want your child to grow up to be responsible, self-reliant, self-confident, disciplined, creative, and well-rounded, but you're feeling like you could use some help to make it happen?

Signing your child up for guitar lessons will accomplish BOTH for you. Why?

First and foremost, you will have an hour or more per week to do what you need to do or want to do, while your child is safe, having fun learning important life-long skills.

Secondly, you will enjoy knowing you are directly contributing to your child's happiness, self-confidence and successful future.

This is how learning to play the guitar will benefit your child:

- Many scientific studies have demonstrated proof that musical training makes children (and adults) much smarter: It engages and integrates various parts of the brain that help us focus better, it aids in the learning and understanding of math concepts, and it helps us process and understand our emotions more effectively. It is unhealthy to suppress emotions, and it is very healthy to channel and express emotions creatively.

- By learning to play the guitar, your child will develop concentration skills and they will learn the importance of the concept "walk before you run". As they learn new skills and apply their lessons along the way their confidence can't help but grow! What seemed so difficult during the first lesson will become second nature very quickly and before you know it, your child will be able to make music they love. This will open their eyes to how crucial it is to put effort into something they desire and eventually the results will show. . . What a super-important skill it is to have in life. It also develops self-reliance and self-discipline, both very important skills for a successful and happy life.

- Knowing how to be awesome on the guitar will help them feel popular and loved by their peers.

- Your child will learn in a safe and secure environment from a very patient and effective trained instructor who is here to ensure their learning process is effective, exciting, and enjoyable; constant improvement and growth are guaranteed.

- Lastly, playing the guitar is a lot of fun! Guitar lessons can be a great reward and a treat for your child.

Give yourself the gift of free time and your children a chance to experience something fun and extremely valuable in their life!

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