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Offers online services
Offers online services


I am described by my clients as fun but meticulous and I would say that is a true description. I truly love what I do and that is very evident in my enthusiasm for voice and piano. However, I am a foundational teacher as well. I believe in laying a good foundation for my students. My motto is, "I don't just teach you to play a song on piano, I teach both how to play and why we play that way." My belief is if I can answer the "why" factor, then the language of music becomes easier for my students to speak.

This motto is not just a belief, I have seen it proven time and time again with my students. Teaching the "why" at any level of piano and any style ensures me that my students are learning enough to be able to stand on their on two feet in piano, pick up a piece of music at their level and be able to play it.

I have been playing piano for over 20 years. Classically trained for my early years and then a later stint in college for jazz studies, has given me a more well rounded approach to my palying. I credit my success to amazing teachers and coaches along the way. The one thing (among many other things) that my teachers gave me was a solid foundation in music. Now, I play piano for lots of different events and I am a professional jazz singer.

Music has allowed me to take many different adventures I could have only dreamed possible. I hope to get to share in your musical journey as well.

My favorite thing about what I do is watching a student take the musical journey for themselves and getting to share my passion with others. There is nothing like watching a student grasp a concept or accomplish a song they first deemed "impossible". I find the accomplishment is thrilling for both student and teacher. I get so much joy in watching my clients learn and excel.


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Offers online services

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brad M.

Andreas a great teacher. Fun and positive and insightful. The Zoom classes are good though we have had some technical issues.
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March 08, 2024


malika s W.

Andrea’s teaching style is fun, engaging and energetic. Her passion for teaching music is real and sincere. A true JOY to work with.
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March 08, 2024


natoshka D.

What I like about working with Allegro Music Academy is the pleasantness and knowledge of the instructor Andrea.
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March 07, 2024


trish F.

Andrea is very personable and upbeat. Shes teaching me a lot and Im very grateful to her. She sings and plays the piano beautifully. Even though Ive only known her a short time, I feel like Ive known her much longer.
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March 06, 2024


sharon H.

Andrea has been an exceptional piano teacher. She has an immense knowledge of both music theory and piano techniques, which she shares in an engaging and accessible manner. Her patience and commitment to each students progress are commendable. She ensures lessons are tailored to individual learning styles, making every session enjoyable. She has helped build confidence and nurtured a genuine passion for piano. Andrea is not just a teacher, but an inspiration.
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May 19, 2023


Candace B.

Allegro Music Academy has been extremely valuable to my family. My children have taken piano lessons from Andrea for several years and have grown tremendously. She is very knowledgeable and knows how to motivate them to practice and perform their best. Andrea provides very detailed lesson summaries along with a road map of areas of focus between lessons. She is very pleasant and personable and has become a part our the family. We are so grateful to have found her and know our children will benefit from having her as their piano teacher for the rest of their lives.
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May 12, 2020

Frequently asked questions

First I conduct a phone or zoom interview with a potential client. It is important to me that I know what my client is seeking out of lessons and I am very honest about if I am or am not the person they are needing.

If we are good fit, in our first lesson I will assess what they know about music and sight reading. If they have never played piano before, our first few lessons is about getting them associated with the piano. All my beginning students start to play the piano in some capacity at the first lesson. 

I have been teaching preschool since the age of 14 years old. I also come from an extenisve line of musicians and teachers in my family, so one could say this is "in my blood". :-)

I have a B.S. in Music Business with a focus on vocal and piano performance. 

After graduation I spent two more years at MTSU studying jazz piano and vocal studies. 

Yes. My pricing is discussed during our first interview. 

I started teaching my cousin piano as a teenager. Once I graduated college, I realized how much my heart was in music and I still had a love for sharing my passion. So along with being a professional jazz vocalist, I went in to teaching. 

I teach children ages 6 to adult. (Yes, I believe anyone can learn)

I've worked with former American Idol contestants, students diagnosed with ADHD, and students with a diagnosis of autism. 

I remember a recent recital where a young student was preparing to go on stage. He was about 7 years old at the time. He was backstage with me and like always, before each student goes on stage, I spend a few minutes with them talking them through their nerves, making them laugh, reminiding them what to do when they get on stage. 

Generally with the little ones, or the first time recital performers, I am ready to hit the stage with them and sit beside them during their performance. This little man was determined to do this performance by himself and I was ready to let him. As he could hear the student before him finishing up her piece, he took the first stair and turned around to look at me. His big, round, brown eyes stared up into mine, and he said, "One question. Are you sure about this?". I bent down to his eye level and without blinking replied, "Absolutely little man! You got this!!!". My heart literally exploding with love for this student and gratitude to do this as a "job".

I was prepared for his tears. His eyes had gotten a bit watery before he asked me that question. After my response, he got a big toothy grin on his face and said, "Awesome! I can do this!!!". I giggled so much at his enthusiasm and then reminded him, "Hey buddy! If you need me, I will be there." He nodded his head and gave me a high-five. As his name was announced, he bounded the light brown wooden stairs in his gray suit, and turned around to me and said, "Will you just stand at the top of the stairs so I can see you?" My immediate response, "But of course sweet guy! But of course". 

He took the stage with a big smile, walked to the front and took his first bow. When climbed on the piano bench he leaned to the side for just a second just to make sure I kept my promise... was I standing where I told him I would be? Of course I was. I didn't moveonce during his performance. He played flawlessly!!! After his performance, he bounced off the piano bench looked over at me and gave me two thumbs up (of course I returned the gesture). I was so proud of his courage and he was so giddy with pride over his accomplishment! It was a beautiful recital day.

Why is this such a fond memory for me? Well first, the little guy was so adorable. Secondly, his eyes when he asked "are you sure about this" , will be forever etched into my brain. It was the moment I realized how much trust my students put in me. I have promised them I will always be there for them and in that moment, he learned exactly what I meant. It still brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face.

My advice would be to 1. Know what you are wanting to learn. There are many different approaches to teaching. I teach reading, theory, classical, and beginning to intermediate jazz. However some teachers only teach pop. Alot of teachers refuse to teach music reading (I'm not sure why). So I can't stress enough, know what you are wanting to learn or wanting your child to learn.

2. Do your research. Are you wanting to do online lessons? In home lessons? Studio lessons? Find out what teacher(s) will fit the needs and goals for yourself or your child(ren) and narrow down your search for the right teacher starting with "research". 

Questions to ask yourself before speaking to teachers? This is such a great question.

1. Do you have a proper instrument? If an acoustic instrument, are you willing to keep it tuned and in shape. If electric, is it properly setup? Do you need a stand and piano bench? Is your keyboard on the floor or on a table? 

2. Do you have the time to commit to practice? I love teaching my clients, but am very honest with every parent and adult client that I cannot practice for them. You get out of it what you put in it. 

3. Why do you want to learn? How committed are you?
Everyone thinks learning an instrument is fun...and it is! However, learning an instrument also requires discipline and dedication. So one of the questions I always ask in an new client interview is "What is your why"? You will need that when challenges present itself and you want to quit. Or your child decides he/she wants to quit and "The why" is the foundation of keeping your child in lessons.

The "why" and "committment" help you persevere when you hit a learning curve and will help you get to the other side. 

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