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Thad O'Donnell Guitar Lessons



My teaching method takes a comprehensive approach to the mastery of the basics of guitar playing. With a foundational understanding of the basic aspects of music theory students will have a fundamentally sound approach to mastering whatever level of guitar playing they aspire to. Focusing on mastery of the fundamental building blocks of music will put any student on the right path to ultimately mastering the instrument.

I love teaching music and have different plans for each level of player. Beginner, Intermediate, and can even help Adept to Advanced players. At the beginner level I focus more on repitition and getting core skills for playing songs by establishing small goals, as well as introducing them to a half modal half scale based outlook on major and minor fretboard approaches as to not get stuck in the box that so many intermediate players struggle in. For intermediate I focus more on the creative fluidity and unlocking the ability to have fretboard freedom. For adept to advanced I offer anyone without the basic music theory knowledge a comprehensive understanding of that, and can teach more advanced chordings, modal approaches, and technique based soloing. Please reach out to me at the numbwr provided if your interested in learning the guitar!


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Covering basic chords and scales for beginners, application of basic music theory for more advanced players. I find it very important that the student continues to learn new music that motivates and keeps them interested in playing. Learning songs of the students choice is very important in keeping interest while getting over the learning curves.

Fifteen years experience performing guitar, piano, and vocals. Eight years of experience teaching guitar. 

15$ per half hour 

Teaching my friends and relatives who wanted to learn songs I play.

Mostly beginner to intermediate level students. Worked with complete beginners to extreme advanced players.

What songs they would like to learn. What type of guitar style interested them most and made them want to play.

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