Women's Urban Defense & Taijutsu

Women's Urban Defense & Taijutsu

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Offers online services
Offers online services


That 85 other women I've trained since 1992 have enjoyed it and given me 4 & 5 star reviews.

Knowing I'm helping women be safer from predators and criminals out to harm them.

I enjoy seeing their progress from not knowing a thing or barely knowing self defense to being able to move and react at a level that can save them against an assault or kidnapping.

It not about competition in this art, the competition is you. Because it's about saving your life and there are no rules or competition on the street when it comes to having to protect yourself.

So, understand now, this is not a sport or competitive art. If that's your interest, you won't find that here.

We aren't about trophies or ribbons in one on one matches. We are about survival against a life threatening situation.

There's nothing wrong with being competitive. But you also can't ignore reality self protection which differs greatly from the ring.

Where an attacker might have a weapon or where there might be more than one attacker. And where there's no rules. Nobody to help you but YOU possibly having to fight for your very LIFE.

How am I certain my style works? Because it has personally helped ME in multiple situations where I had to stop a knife attack and multiple attackers as well as sudden, vicious dog attacks on three occasions that I evaded.

This art is for long term minded women whom are willing to commit because they highly value their SAFETY as a PRIORITY. Which honestly, most women unfortunately don't put their own SAFETY as a top list priority.

Usually, it's food, fun, making money, travel, fitness, etc. Safety is pushed down to the bottom. Yet, there have been 200,000 women whom vanished in 2023 alone and there are an estimated 400 women trafficked in Dallas alone, every 24hrs! Let alone, 82% of women whom use a weapon have according to assault stats on women by FBI have had their weapon taken from them!

If these stats aren't enough to get women more serious about their safety, I'm not sure what WILL!

Martial arts however is like trying to learn to fly a fighter jet, it can get deep and I've spent literally 6months teaching some just the very basic of basics that I know...isn't enough to help them be effective on the street.

You wouldn't say, "I want to fly that fighter jet, can you teach me how to be an Ace pilot in a month or two or a few months?" Right?

I hope not, because like a jet fighter pilot must go through a lot of simulated training before ever stepping into a jet to then train on flying, so too much any whom feel martial arts is needed for them.

It just doesn't work that way.

Anything you want to be good at, takes lots of focus, dedication, time, effort, sweat, commitment. Like fitness, could you get to your fit goals in a month? Likely not. Neither can you with martial arts.

So please, serious only. Is it fun most women ask. I say, is fitness fun? Not really, yet women put fitness over self protection. Yet, they can get fitness, flexibility AND self protection with my training! IF...you stay committed.

My best student has committed and she loves it and says it's fun but it's also hard at times but she's lost 70lbs and gained greater flexibility too. While before, she was 80lbs over weight, now she's addicted to her ninpo budo arts.

It's very beneficial in many ways and which is more important to women? What's just always fun or what can save your life? I'll be honest, it's hard work too. But yes, its a fun challenge too of self.

But I truly seek the ones that have always wanted to get their black belt, feeling, it would be so great if I could one day earn thar. And trust me, with my training, you'll be very proud of yourself to earn this black belt if you can meet the challenge!?

I will push you. But if you regularly quit things you start ..this isn't for you. I'm looking for the women that truly want a black belt. And in my style, you'll learn one of the most well rounded of arts!

Like what? Imagine all the martial arts rolled up into one. That's BUDO NINPO ARTS.

Oh, and I have trained over 85 women but not all came through lessons and there's just too many to list all reviews here.

I do recommend another female partner if your not in my area and doing virtual to help each other stay motivated.


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Offers online services

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Student's age

19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old

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I can make a recommendation, Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Krav Maga, Judo, Aikido

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No experience, Beginner


For self defense, Building strength and confidence, Developing discipline, Improving physical health

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Private training, Group classes

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    priscilla L.

    Working with Shidosha has been an absolute honor and joy. If there were any questions or concerns, he was always there to help with no judgment. No matter the time of day, he was eager to see me succeed, which in my opinion is the best part of his training. Beyond performances, he strives for women to be able to protect themselves against violence. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to learn this sacred martial arts, but most importantly, to have a very kind mentor such as Shidosha.
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    March 27, 2024


    alexis G.

    Working with Patrick Dumas as my instructor so far has been an amazing experience hes very reasonable when it comes to uncertain times and is fair and genuine aswell , overall he is a very skilled martial artist and superb in his teachings and knows how to work around and helps develop each and everyones style using martial arts.
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    April 27, 2023


    Bethany O.

    Patrick is an excellent teacher, very patient and explains the process clearly. His attention to detail and form really built my confidence as I learned movement and skill.
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    April 19, 2022


    Tiffany W.

    Womans Urban Defense has met and exceeded my expectations. I went in hoping to learn some basic self defense strategies but have been pleasantly surprised with the opportunity to learn soo much more than basic moves. The instructor is knowledgeable and brings years of experience to each lesson. People who are committed and want to progress, have the opportunity to work up through belt ranking, improve fitness levels, lose weight, and gain muscle. People wont be disappointed when choosing Womens Urban Defense.
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    January 31, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    I communicate to the candidate student that is serious on my social media. If you read this entire txt, you likely are serious enough about your self defense safety. That's a start! Twitter X at MyUrbanDefense or Instagram at Womens_Urban_Defense where they receive a qualification list once they DM me. If they feel they qualify, they must like most all martial arts, agree via video privately on IG with a private profile to the liability waiver. This is a validation video that they agree to all risks for training and can confirm with a pre recorded video. Then they receive a 3 day free trial and if after the trial they like it, they can continue with a virtual training payment plan. From $49 for one hour a week up to the recommended 5 days a week for $99 a month. Student women train from home or nearby park or yard where it's convenient for them. They must be able to create a private Instagram channel to submit videos to for me to critique their training in their own anonymous training channel. There are no binding contracts. Students don't have to commute or be around groups of others at a school they don't know and can train any time, any day and simply watch ten minute video lessons, recording themselves back to me. This takes only a few minutes to upload it privately to their training channel on Instagram. Personal training or group training in person is only after I see the student is serious and can last virtually through the first 100 lessons. And if local enough to my location to commute to me or my commuting to them. Or meeting half way. There are other minor investments for gear and wpns as the student progresses. This is not a quick crash course but is meant to be a long-term class with Archery optional and is an extra class training of an added rate of $49 a month in traditional, Japanese kyujutsu. Womens urban defense is based off a very well rounded mixed traditional martial art of 18 arts that involves everything needed for a survival defense art. Not a sport! Not competitive. Based off survival defense tactics. Intended for the women whom take their safety and self protection very seriously. Here's qualifications list... No prior felonies. Must be legal citizen of USA Not from a country considered enemy of usa Age 13+ preferably 18-50 If over 50, you'll need a doctor's ok No prior neck or back surgery Not on any meds for... Bipolar, Ptsd, psychiatric care, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions or obesity Must not be more than 25lbs over weight to qualify for any in person training Have all limbs and no restriction of joints or limbs Athletic preferred or avg health as this art requires agility, balance, coordination, etc Not connected to any violent gangs nor any relations to others in such or any radical group known for violence. Not an illegal drug user or alcohol addicted. Have no diagnosis of mental or emotional disorders. With or without taking meds for such. These teachings are for self defense only. Not provoking violent acts on others. Why such strict requirements to train in budo arts? Because this art teaches skills in weapons and fighting that can cause bodily harm. Students must be considered as mature and responsible teens or adults to qualify. It is not intended for sport or play. Not all are approved or accepted and is based off instructor's discretion.

    2012 instructor of the year in my style and ranked by international federation of a board of grandmaster instructors. Been teaching since 1992 and have trained a wide variety of students.

     have refocused my teachings more so since 2016 to women's defense. 

    This is not a competitive art. It's meant for street survival or car and home self defense.

    I do but I can work out any plan for any budget. 

    By lots of hard work training and achieving black belt ranks. Some feel that martial arts can be a crash course to learn a few moves and they are good to go. The truth is, martial arts takes more than a few sessions since most people I've trained take months just to learn the very basics!

     alone is often not good enough for effective self defense. It's like trying to teach someone how to fly a fighter jet in just a few lessons?

     a few lessons can help, it's just not enough. I really prefer those who are more serious for long term training. 

    All types. X military, nurses, house wives, sales people, college students, flight attendants,etc . 

    A women's defense demonstration for 300 apartment managers where about 50 were interested in further details we did a more in-depth demo for and of which about ten apartment managers wanted us to come out and offer training to their residence. Fees paid for by the apartment owners. 

    First off, many competitive styles teach based off rules. There are no rules when it comes to a life or death assault situation. 2ndly, many of them don't adequately cover weapons or escape and evasion skills. I've taught instructors of competitive arts that had little skill in terms of the above. They had been been focusing more on competitive style fighting.

     later said I helped them open their mind to more than just that. Weapons training and defense is vital in self defense because commonly, an attacker will be armed or there might be more than one of them!

    That's not to say there are not great fighters in these arts. There are. But do they know weapons? Often not. 

    What their goals are. Don't focus on a particular style. But rather, whatever style, it needs to focus on ground, stand up, weapons, escape and evasion, multiple attacker defense and even scenario training. 

    While my style is traditional Budo, I also incorporate focus mit striking, kicks, distancing and footwork, balance, coordination, pressure point attacks, weapons disarming and use and more. 

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