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Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a master instructor in the International Taekwondo Association (ITA).

In addition, our instructors are also avid competitors, having won a combined 26 World Championships, 10 District Championships, and 47 State Championships with the American Taelwondo Association (ATA).

We love bringing out the very best in our students! Regardless of age, gender, physical or mental challenges, or any other variant, we can work with you!

It's all about self-improvement -- if you are willing to put in the work, we will help you get the most out of your training.

But don't ask our opinion... come in and try a class to see for yourself!


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4 years in business
Serves Richardson , TX
Offers online services

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Frequently asked questions

At least one of our instructors will meet with the client and do an evaluation of goals and ability.  

After the initial assessment,  a personalized plan will be developed to ensure that your goals are met while promoting safety and considering physical and cognitive challenges.  

Aside from ourselves being highly trained black belts (3rd/4th degree), we also received intensive instruction in teaching skills from Grand Master.  Each of us has previously had more than 400 hours under a senior instructor. In addition, we all have undergone extensive background checking and CPR certification.  One of our staff is a registered nurse with many years of direct patient care.   

Prices will vary based on package purchased.  

For us, teaching was a natural progression, stemming from our desire to pass on that which we learned in our martial arts journey.  Simply put, we enjoyed it so much, we felt it would be selfish not to share with others.  We began by helping out our instructor in our first school in Florida, and progressed to teaching full classes in a number of schools here in North Texas, before the opportunity arose for us to open our own school in 2015.

We have been blessed to work with students from all walks of life, from 3- and 4- year olds to school-aged kids, teenagers, and adults from Millenials to Gen X'ers to Baby Boomers.  We also have had great success with special needs individuals with cognitive and physical challenges, ranging from wheelchair-bound persons to a Senior Citizen recovering from a stroke, and those with TBI or on the autism spectrum.  

Price is, of course, a very important consideration, but it should not be the ONLY deciding factor.  Often, the saying "you get what you pay for" rings painfully true.  Just as you would not entrust your healthcare to a shady back-alley quack doctor, or your car to a backyard mechanic, you should not entrust your or your children's training in martial arts to someone you can't absolutely trust to do the right thing. 

Other considerations should include location, schedule, expertise of the instructor, energy level of the classes being taught, martial arts style being taught, and ability of the instructor to explain what he/she is doing and why.

Students should analyze their specific goals.  It is is also important to ensure that your hired professional is properly insured.  It is advisable to question if the instructor has any type of medical knowledge or background.  

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