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What we value most is transmitting the joy of growing, of acquiring new skills, of improving, and loving music more and more.

There is no better way to get this feeling than working in a professional recording studio with a team of people who do this for a living.

This is how the Sweet Spot School is different from most other place that teach. We understand music theory and we understand the music industry and the business of music.

I am a professional musician, producer, and engineer. I teach because I am passionate about music and because I want to share my love for it.

My greatest satisfaction is to see a human being connect the dots, come to a realization, and get excited about using this new skill, concept, understanding into their own work.


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Serves Annandale , VA

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    William P.

    I like the combination of the musical and technical expertise Nico brings to the table. Ive learned so much at the Sweet Spot School through direct instruction and also by observation, as we work on my projects. A++++
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    November 12, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    First we need to assess the student's skills, experience, and goals.  Then we define a process to get there.  Once we agree on a process we set a target and a time frame.  When that time frame has passed we assess progress and make changes if necessary to ensure continued interest and continued growth.

    Each member of our team is a talented and seasoned pro.  We teach because we enjoy it.  We are first and foremost making music for a living.

    I have a masters degree in music composition from the University of Virginia.  I teach Recording Techniques and Mixing at George Mason University.  I have been a full-time musician, music producer, composer, and audio engineer for the last 15 years.

    Will Park, who teaches guitar and voice and music production, got his degree in music at the illustrious Berklee School of Music.  He is a multi-talented producer, engineer, guitarist, and vocalist.

    Tamara Wellons has 3 critically acclaimed albums under her belt.  She sings soul, RnB, gospel, and house music.  She's a very talented song writer who brings 20 years of experience to each lesson.

    We enjoy keeping things simple: $60 per hour.  

    I discovered I enjoyed teaching in graduate school.  I taught music theory to undergrads.  Since then I've continued to mentor, encourage, and give feedback to budding musicians and engineer.  The Sweet Spot Studio, which I founded, offers an internship program to young producers and engineers.  The Sweet Spot School is a natural manifestation of my interest in teaching.

    I mostly work with people who have a genuine interest in music and are self motivated.  Nobody can teach you but yourself.  My role is to foster your growth by pointing things out so you discover them faster than if you were working only by yourself. Ultimately it is up to you to internatlize new ideas or new skills by practicing a lot.  I just hope to keep you excited along the way. 

    If you want to learn composition listen to their composition.

    If you want to learn engineering listen to their mixes.

    If you want to learn song writing listen to their songs.

    If you want to learn flute listen to them play.

    If you like what you hear and they seem nice: work with them!

    What are your goals with music?  Who are your favorite artists?  What genres of music move you most?

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    Music Theory
    Audio Production