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During the Covid year instead of live recitals we made some movies.

Spring recital:
Wishing you a better 2021 with our Holiday Piano Recital! https://youtu.be/WNljA9I4jkc
Beware! This is a scary Halloween Piano Production of Sean Dresdner. Watch it on your own risk. Disclaimer: Eva's Piano studio is not responsible for fright related injuries watching this video, as piano recitals come with the inherent risk of deafness and turning into ware wolfs on every Blue Moon. Which is tonight! huuuuu-ooooohhh-uuuhhh!


Because of COVID-19, I still teach on-line, using Skype or Facebook Messenger.

I started taking piano lessons in 7th grade. In my native Hungary it was considered too late, and the Franz Liszt Music school would not bother with such an “old” student, so I had to take private lessons. My teacher warned my parents that it would be very hard to make me into a pianist because of my late start, and probably it does not worth her time, their money and my effort. However, my parents saw the desire and commitment I had toward music, and realized that the love of music was really more important than the possibility to be a famous concert pianist. They paid for the expensive piano lessons that were way over their budget; I am grateful for their sacrifice for ever, since music not only gave me joy and fulfillment, but also had broad implications on my life and really helped me through in many difficult circumstances; As William James said “I don't sing because I'm happy, I'm happy because I sing.”

As for my teacher, she was partially right: I am not a virtuoso concert pianist, but I caught up with the “right start kids” in couple of moths, and while they were exhausted of music and stopped playing their instruments after finishing the well credited music school, I was still playing through high school, college and adulthood.

I enjoyed playing for my friends and family, for church and just because. I got a Music Education Degree at UDC, with a minor of organ. Beside teaching piano, I have been playing keyboard, electric and pipe organ for church services, weddings and funerals, providing music for meditation, leading the congregation in singing, accompanying choruses and soloists for twenty years. I was the organist of the Walter Reed Hospital Chapel for ten years, until the Army closed down the hospital in DC, and still playing in various churches and events.

I have been teaching piano for children and adult for 15 years.

During these years I used many-many different methods , tailoring the lessons towards the students needs, wants, interests and capabilities. I am a strong advocate for teaching music notations, but also understand that some children have difficulties with dots on five lines, so I use colors and numbers to train their eyes, and help them learn songs by ear. Once they know the melody they can teach their fingers to play the right note in the right time.

I have had several students who are on the spectrum, are slower learners, hyper active, have attention deficit disorder, dealing with depression, and many children who came because “my mom said so”. They were able to make beautiful music, but most importantly, music made them into more beautiful children: smarter, kinder, more creative and disciplined. And that is the most important aspect to me: install the love of music, regardless that they might grow up to be professional musicians, or “just” everyday piano players and educated audiences who value and understand the grace and cleansing power of music. To be better human beings. Music is a human right, and it is for everybody; a universal language without borders. I am happy to be part of a musical journey, where the journey itself is as important as the destination: to live a creative and better life.

So, come by for a chat, to play music together, come for a free introduction and piano lesson.

Zsuzsanna Papp recommends Eva's Piano Studio.
August 28, 2019

Eva is super patient with my daughter and being very flexible with the lesson schedule. Her philosophy is to meet the child wherever he/she is while transferring value to her/him.
She is the BEST!


Masaru Tanaka recommends Eva's Piano Studio.
November 14, 2019

Kendzsi started learning the piano with Eva 18 years ago in Northen Virginia. We looked for a private music teacher, just because he got a bad mark from music class in the first grade at Fox Mill Elementary School.
Eva taught him and his sister singing, recorder, piano, above all, how to enjoy music, and most importantly how to enjoy life.
We are all grateful to Eva!
Without Eva probably he hasn’t become a pianist!

Here is a link to Kendzsi’s performance: Schumann’s piano concerto, Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, Chopin, and some jazz!
Please Enjoy !!!

Solo Concert TV broadcasting @Copenhagen, Denmark

International Piano Competition, Final @Vilnius, Lithuania, the 2nd placeπŸ₯ˆ:

International Piano Competition, Semi-Final @Vilnius, Lithuania

International Piano Competition @Szeged, Hungary, the 3rd placeπŸ₯‰:

National Piano Competition @Békéscsaba, Hungary, the 1st placeπŸ₯‡:

A video soon after he left USA:


7 August 2015

Donna and Gary Brooks

11019 Pumpkin Place

Fairfax, VA 22030

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you Eva for providing such wonderful piano instruction to our son, Caleb, and our daughter Grace. You are absolutely an amazing instructor! Because Grace is dyslexic, we were wondering if she would ever be able to read music and have the ability to play the piano because it resembles “reading” to her. In the past, she has had difficulty with other music programs, and none have worked until you came along. She is gaining confidence in her ability to play and read music. You know exactly what will work with her and how to communicate it to her. What a tremendous gift you have given her.

I’ve seen it week after week that you have this talent of bringing out the very best in each of our children so that they can play the piano. Caleb has a difficult time just sitting for five minutes because of his ADHD, but he enjoys playing the piano. They look forward to Wednesday’s because it means Miss Eva is coming!

It is with gratitude that I write this letter. Both Grace and Caleb feel successful and proud of their accomplishments. They both think the world of you and they want to do their very best. Grace and Caleb practice, without our asking them to, every day because of how successful they feel and how much they are enjoying playing actual songs on the piano. It truly is music to our ears.

Thank you for investing in our children and making big deposits in their lives that will have a lasting effect in their futures.

Gary and Donna Brooks


My daughter Mackenzie Davis (age 7) has been taking piano lessons from Eva Lewis for over a year. We met Eva at an after school piano class offered through Mackenzie’s school. She liked it so much she asked if she could take lessons and if so, could I see if Eva could come to our home to give her lessons. She really connected right away with Eva and really enjoyed the lessons. She said Eva made it very fun.

Eva is very prompt and timely scheduling and arriving at our home for Mackenzie’s lesson. She is always very patient, kind, and makes the lesson fun. She spends equal time on theory and the lesson itself. She is very motivating also in that she gives immediate positive rewards and feedback. She has a natural gift with children. Mackenzie has made great progress as I also play the piano and understand the progression to be right on track.

Eva would be a fabulous choice for a piano teacher.


Julie Davis

[email protected]


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Academics and Music, LLC
800 W Broad Street
Falls Church VA, 22046
To Whom It May Concern,
It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation on behalf of Eva Lewis, who is
a professional music teacher at Academics and Music. My name is Slavik Tsimura and I am the
Program Director at Academics and Music. We are an organization that offers after-school music
programs in MD – DC – VA Elementary Schools. Eva started working with us in January of
2014. She teaches piano and works with elementary students in grades K-6.
Eva is highly motivated and very aware of the needs of her students. She is hardworking,
dependable, caring, and creative! She always asks questions and is enthusiastic about trying new
concepts. She is well-liked by the students, staff, and surrounding community. I highly
recommend Eva Lewis for future positions at any organization that works with elementary
students. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call.
Academics & Music
Slavik Tsimura - Program Director
Website: www.academicsandmusic.com
Email: [email protected]
Direct: (267) 808-9853 Fax: (215) 914-0515


December, 2019
To future piano students of all ages:
Both my children took piano lessons from Eva for over 2 years. Eva was always positive and encouraging. My son has learning challenges, and I was grateful that Eva supported his need for breaks and wiggles during lessons. Eva saw the potential for learning and did not give up! She made learning piano fun! She also worked with our schedule to make lessons doable for our family. It is my pleasure to recommend Eva Lewis for piano lessons.
Helen Cluff, Music Teacher


Shornalee Banerjee‎

Ms. Eva is one of the best music teacher’s I have ever come across. She is able to give personalized instructions to both my daughters who are at different skill levels. She makes the lessons fun and interesting that the children look forward to piano lessons. I highly recommend Ms. Eva for all your piano needs! She not only works with kids but adults as well. — with Eva Fleischmann Lewis.

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4 Reviews


  • Jen Dunlavy

    As a Parent of two of Eva’s students, I enthusiastically recommend Eva Lewis as a piano teacher of, in particular, young students. She is a very dedicated, creative, patient, and talented piano teacher. Eva has a unique and engaging way to interest even the youngest, and most reserved, students. She is incredibly creative, meeting each of our children where they are in their (quite different!) musical abilities. We have been very happy with how our children have advanced in their piano playing skills. Eva is also incredibly patient. As a Mom with several very β€œenergetic” children, I am incredibly grateful for the patience she displays with our children. Eva has also been incredibly generous, opening her home/piano studio to our piano students as well as any other siblings that may need to tag along. In addition, Eva is quite reasonably priced and she has a very flexible schedule, always working with us to reschedule conflicts in advance.

  • Ann Dresdner

    Eva is a very positive and encouraging teacher. She is able to convey her enthusiasm and love of playing the piano onto my son. Not only has my son grown as a piano player, he has gained more confidence in himself. Playing and practicing the piano is not a chore, but rather an activity he performs happily. I highly recommend Eva as a piano teacher!

  • Ann Dresdner

    Eva is able to convey her enthusiasm and love of playing the piano onto my son. He has gained more confidence in himself as a piano player. Playing and practicing the piano is not a chore, but an activity he performs happily. Eva is a very positive and encouraging teacher.

  • Malika S

    Eva is incredibly patient and kind. She understands the importance of instilling a love for the music and joy for playing the piano. My children have very different personalities and she tailors her teaching style for each of them. When they lose focus, she is able to redirect gently without frustration. She is developing skills by choosing pieces that are interesting and melodic (rather than only drills than can cause children to lose interest). I would recommend her to anyone!

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