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Modern Katana Academy



We are a rare, modernized school of self-defense teaching cutting edge skills based on weapon and open-hand counter-striking. New students will train with a weapon in hand from day one, rapidly increasing timing, distance and neural response vs. most types of "classical" unrealistic training methods. The head instructor has over 45 years of martial arts, close-quarter combat knowledge. See more information here:

Helping a person to feel more mentally confident and physically empowered through an elevation of self-defense skills is highly rewarding. It is a an important path, well worth taking.


2 employees
38 years in business
Serves Seattle , WA

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    We are very personalized in our approach to giving proper direction and critique on each student's skill level progression with each lesson. This is not a McDojo pumping out students and collecting dues. This is a semi-private school where students will follow a specialized training curriculum in which they will immediately start with a training weapon [Shinai - bamboo sword] and open-hand striking [Atemi Waza] to begin their understanding of timing, distance and angles. This accomplishes super-conditioning training and realistic self-defense combat skills, simultaneously.

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