Mary Lord Guitar And Lute Lessons

Mary Lord Guitar And Lute Lessons

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Offers online services


You gotta love what you do. Except that in the case of a musical instrument, there are a number of things one must do first. You need a good technical foundation, tone, rhythm, and a grasp and understanding of the music (to know is to love) in order to develop a good interpretation. You will also develop good practice and sight-reading habits. I hope to involve you in ensemble playing at some stage. You need a large amount of patience and a commitment to practice diligently for about an hour a day. Only then can these skills grow (one of my teachers used to say that Rome wasn't built in a day). And once these skills are there, you will have such fun imparting pieces to any audience in your performances, and, of course, listening to yourself while you play and enjoying what you hear. Then you also learn to appreciate the subtleties of your favorite artists' playing more and more... I want to teach you everything I know from the beginning to the advanced stages of classical guitar, and renaissance and baroque lute.

I can also be of help with the rudiments of folk guitar playing - you will learn all about progressions, strumming, finger-picking, bar chords, the works! If you come for individual lessons, you can bring a CD of your favorite artist and I will teach you to play in that style. And in Theory, getting you to listen for and understand harmonic progressions.

I rent out guitars and lutes for my private lessons and classes. Lutes are usually custom-made and have waiting lists...but one can do quite well tuning the g-string to f# for the beginning and learning tablature and some wonderful pieces that way.

My individual lessons are $40 for 30 minutes, $60 for 45 minutes, and $80 for 60 minutes.

I speak Polish, German, English, French and Italian.

Excellence, diligence, patience, versatility, knowledge, perseverance, humor.

I love music, it's my life. Love it when pupils catch the bug. Love seeing them get better, catch on, the glint in their eye, hearing, feeling, seeing the difference. All ages.


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Offers online services


Musical styles

Folk, Classical, Recommendations available

Guitar style

Acoustic guitar, Recommendations available

Has instrument

Student who have a guitar, Student who don't have a guitar, but are planning to purchase one

Years experience

No formal training, No formal training; some self-taught experience, 0 – 2 years experience, 2 – 4 years experience, 4+ years of experience

Able to read music

Students who can read music staff, Students who can read guitar tabs, Students who cannot read music

Lesson length

30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes

Student's age

5 – 10 years old, 11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old


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sara S.

She is attentive to how I am following her instructions and playing. She makes sure that I am playing the music correctly.
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January 09, 2024


Heather H.

I started classical guitar lessons with Mary a few months ago and the experience has been so wonderful. I really feel that she cares about me as a student which is very encouraging. I have previous experience playing the harp but am an absolute beginner on guitar. Mary immediately knew what things would be harder for me and what things I would already know without her teaching. Before starting with Mary I had tried just googling chords and guitar tabs to just memorize the fingering for some songs to play with people, but I didnt know the notes or what I was doing really. After learning from her I understand basic music theory finally! No one ever really explained it to me before. Also, after three months I not only know my way around all the notes but also am starting to have a feel for how my hand needs to move around the board when I am playing in different keys. Also her emphasis of legato and good fingering at the beginning is so helpful because it have become quite natural. Ursula Peters books is very good for a beginner! Im excited to start playing more complicated pieces soon.
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June 08, 2021

Frequently asked questions

I like to find out exactly what the pupil wants to learn and then teach them accordingly. But at the beginning, I do need to lay quite an emphasis on getting a good technique that they can then use in any style of guitar they will later play.

Richard Strauss Conservatory, Munich, Germany classical guitar teaching and performing

Royal Academy of Music, London Classical Guitar Division V With Merit Renaissance Lute Div. V With Distinction Aural Training, Harmony Div.V

Many master classes

A dollar a minute. $60/60 minutes, $45/45 $30/30 weekly best

Like to be paid at the beginning of the month for as many lessons as there are in the month (=4 or 5) once you decide after the first (paid) lesson. Then cancel lessons one month in advance. I'm very flexible with make up lessons.

I started at age 16 while studying with Barbara Polasek in Munich. Have taught ever since.

Besides classical of all ages, youngest 5 oldest 73. I have taught a lot of beginning guitar at rec centers, for adults (finger picking, strumming, chords, bar chords, good practice habits, the works) teens (same + Rock +reading music) kids (reading music, melody playing, chords strumming and finger picking...)

Can help with all styles of guitar playing and all questions related to music.

LA Guitar Quartet Nov.19. Spectacular! Great program, great playing, so glad they are together again!

Find somebody very knowledgeable, patient, flexible. Come armed with questions, even if you haven't had enough time to practice. You'll be surprised how much you learn.

They need to find the time to practice. They should commit to as much time daily as the duration of their lesson. If they need to skip a day,make up the time in the following days. Definitely practice within the first 24 hours of a lesson when things are still fresh in their minds!

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