Vidar Skrede - Nordic Folk Musician & Teacher

Vidar Skrede - Nordic Folk Musician & Teacher

Offers online services
Offers online services


Hi! I'm a Norwegian musician and teacher residing in the Midwest (USA) since 2016.

I teach the following subjects:


* Fiddle/violin (all levels)

* Hardanger fiddle (the Norwegian national instrument - all levels)

* Acoustic guitar (standard, DADGAD & ADADAD tunings used in Nordic and Celtic traditional music - all levels)

* Mandolin & Greek bouzouki (beginner, intermediate)

* Whistle (beginner, intermediate)


* Traditional Norwegian fiddle music (all levels)

* Traditional Scandinavian/Nordic fiddle music (from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark - all levels)

* Irish fiddle tunes (beginner, intermediate)

Instrument-specific teaching focus on technique and playing skills in addition to style and musical expression.

Styles are not specific to an instrument and are open to any melodic instrument, I can teach you how to play traditional fiddle tunes on a saxophone.

I also coach ensembles/bands towards performance and arranging.

Lessons and locations:

I do both individual private lessons, in person and online, and group workshops in person. I teach both from own location and can come to student's location in Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

I have at the moment monthly trips to Chicago IL, Twin Cities MN, Decorah IA. I'm open to other locations if there are sufficient amount of students there, and I have open spots on my current trips.

My Background:

I have a masters degree in Nordic traditional music in Stockholm, Sweden. I have been teaching children, adults, and workshop over 20 years. I'm also a professional performing musician on fiddle, Hardanger fiddle (the National instrument of Norway), guitar and various stringed instruments, through various bands, projects, and solo. I have released and contributed on numerous CD albums where several got nominated for awards and a few awarded. Music is my life and I love sharing it either through performing or teaching.

My style of teaching is patient and observant towards what needs to be worked on while accommodating the student's goals, by building skills and confidence from where the student is at, I encourage progress and joy of playing the tunes and the instrument.

Music is my life, I've been performing and teaching over 20 years. I have been touring all over Europe and the Northern American continent. I have released and contributed on numerous CD albums, several of which were nominated for awards and one awarded. To me, it's all about sharing and connecting with others and with the music. Teaching and performing music are equally fulfilling, and I find music is something that brings everyone together in the moment, either by listening or playing, be it a hobby or a profession - both equals passion and compassion.


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    Frequently asked questions

    To start with I take time to know what the student's goals are and what level she/he is at. From there I want to build the skill of playing the instrument and project the music out of the instrument. I do this by breaking down the different elements involved in playing the instrument and the tunes themselves, to create awareness and confidence in each element, to build a complete and enjoyable skillset and expression. This takes rewarding patience resulting in noticeable progress. This applies for beginners as well as for advanced students, as there is always something to work on, which is part of the fun. Each student is different so it's something I enjoy working with.

    In in-person-lessons, I'm able to play at the same time together with the student. In online lessons, I need to teach by showing and then have the student repeat, as the online connection normally lags a little in time. In both situations, I'm able to address and give feedback about technique and build the skills and performance of the instrument and the tunes. When it comes to repertoire building of tunes through online lessons, I find it more efficient if the student gets the tune on beforehand, both or either by a recording or sheet music so they can be familiar with the tune before we work on it. This saves a little time when teaching the tune. In person, I prefer teaching the tune live as it gives an added dimension of exposure in the process of learning the tune. However, I find teaching tunes by show and repeat online very efficient. It depends on how the student prefers to work.

    In both cases, I always provide both audio and notation of the material so the student can work independently between lessons. I do both traditional notation and ABC notation depending on what the student prefers.

    My main goal is to make the student confident, and able to connect with her/his own instrument and to enjoy playing on their own, with others, and for others.

    I have had several traditional fiddle-masters in Scandinavia, such as Siri Dyvik (NO), Vegar Vårdal (NO), Sigmund Eikås (NO), Håkon Høgemo (NO), Per Sæmund Bjørkum (NO), Arto Järvelä (FI), Harald Haugaard (DK), and Mikael Marin (SE).

    I have a bachelors degree in Performing Traditional Music from Norway at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway, and a masters degree in Performing Traditional Nordic Music at the Royal Acadamy of Music in Stockholm, Sweden. 

    I have worked a few years as a music teacher for public and private after-school programs for children in Norway. And I have had adult instrument students at the Sibelius Acadamy in Helsinki, Finland.

    Throughout my career as a freelance musician and teacher, I have given numerous workshops and private lessons all over Northern Europe (Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland,  and Denmark) and in USA and Canada.

    For private students, I normally charge 1$ per minute: 30$ for 30 minutes, 45$ for 45 minutes, and 60$ for an hour. 

    F group workshops I normally charge around 100-150$ per hour. But it depends on the workshop and the situation and context.

    I started already as 17-year-old teaching at the local traditional Hardanger fiddle school, where I myself had been attending as a beginner in my hometown Haugesund in Norway. The fiddle music milieu is based on learning and playing, attending classes and workshops, and having lessons with teachers. Becoming a teacher yourself comes naturally down the path as you have more and more to share of skills, knowledge, and repertoire. Being a teacher completes my wish to share the music, it naturally compliments my career as a performer.

    All types:
    Beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Children, youth, adults, and seniors. Amateurs and professionals. Individuals, groups and bands. I work with everything including mastering the instrument, the music style and tunes, the performance, and arranging and ensemble playing through coaching bands. 

    I teach across any melodic instruments when it comes to style and performance, arranging and ensemble playing. I personally master and teach fiddle/violin, Hardanger fiddle (the national instrument of Norway), acoustic guitar (DADGAD and ADADAD tuning used in Nordic and Celtic music), mandolin and Greek bouzouki.

    The joy of my student when she had a breakthrough and found herself mastering what we had been working on. It was mutually inspiring :)

    Find a teacher you like and feel comfortable working with, that listens to you and that ideally inspires you. This makes a good foundation to learn and take directions from someone.

    Describe your level of playing, and your interests and goals that makes you want to play. Present what you want to achieve, and ask if your teacher is able to help you progress towards that. It can be anything from just learning new tunes, learning technique and styles, or other musical skills to broaden your playing or career.

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